Self-discipline is the single most important thing to achieve anything you want.

breaking bad habits

Now we are going to talk about bad habits.

We all have bad habits which take our mind and energy off from the most important task to the least important

To be successful, we all need to work hard, under deadlines and this creates stress. To overcome stress, we develop some bad habits. Like having something sweet. One of my friends is fond of dumplings made of cauliflower and chickpea flour, deep-fried in oil. She is diabetic, have some extra weight and is advised by doctors to stay away from fried food.

She is advised to reduce her weight but she cannot resist the craving while having stress. Eating this snack relieves her stress to some extent. Stress is the trigger of her craving.

This is just a small example of how bad habits originates from triggers. It could be anything. If you want to break those habits, you need to be determined to build self-discipline.

1. Think about your bad habits

If you really want to build self-discipline and break your bad habits, you need to realise that you have bad habits. Make a list of your bad habits. Just write down whatever comes to your mind.

I had a very bad habit of reading the wrong way. I would start and read a paragraph or some pages of a book, and then go to end. Then I would start reading backwards which never made sense.

I always wasted time on these things. Even with my syllabus books. I was fed up with myself. So I started paying attention to it, and whenever I had the temptation of reading from the back, I had to remind me of the time it will waste and come to the page where I was reading. Now I am better with my habit.

Breaking bad habits and building your self discipline takes time . It can be done. You just need to be always motivated enough to work on your own self. Bad habits can be replaced with good habits.

2. Ask your friends about your bad habits

Ask your true friends and they will definitely give you a list. Your friends know a lot about yourself. And they will give you a  true picture of your self. Friends know your good as well as bad habits. And a true friend always tells you true things.

Make a list of what they tell you about you and analyse them. Write down the areas where you need to improve. Write down your habits the way you want. And start working on new habits( replacing the old ones).

3. Analyse them for the triggers

Now comes the serious part of identifying the triggers. When you know the trigger, It becomes easy to figure out that your bad habit will come in your way. You can start doing something about that. As you have a list of bad habits, you can write triggers in front of it.

Also, make a third column for the replacement of the bad habit. When you know the trigger and the remedy, you can act wisely as soon as you feel the urge of your bad habit.

4. How much you need to do to break them

When you know your bad habits and the triggers, you will figure out what you need to do to break that habit. You will start having a plan consistent to the trigger.

Some bad habits are easy to break and some are a bit adamant. Calculate how much you will need to push yourself to change that habit.

Start with what you feel is easy to break. Breaking one bad habit will always give you enthusiasm to break the toughest one.

5. What you will become after you break bad habits

Bad habits take your time from many important tasks and aspects of life. Try to think about what you can achieve by breaking that habit and having a new one. Write down it on a paper and put it where you can see easily. It could be anything like quitting smoking.

Think how much your health will improve and write down the amount of money you will save. I have a friend who told me once that while she was trying to quit smoking, she would think of money going in the smoke. This thought started giving her uneasiness. She just regretted it every time. First she reduced the amount of cigarettes and then quit completely.

Now she saves all the money she wasted in smoking and have good bank balance from that money.

6. Good habits you want to have instead

Now make a list of good habits you want to have. Print this and put this list near your bed so that you can have a look while going to sleep and while waking up. As our subconscious remember those things which we tell it daily.

Our subconscious remembers everything by creating images. If you can keep a picture of the good habits you need to develop, it will help you in acquiring habits easily.

Gradually you will start acting that way. Your bad habits will be replaced with good habits.

7. Be crystal clear about why you want to break bad habits

As you know that bad habits are a way to hinder your growth, be very specific about your goal and why you want to accomplish that. Think about the rewards you will get if you will stay focused on your Why. And make a plan for keeping your self on the track.

Also, make a plan to combat the triggers of bad habits. For example, if you want to lose some weight, but you cannot resist the temptation of your french fries.

Always have a picture of your self on your phone as you look now and a picture of how you would look like when you have lost some weight.  You can photo-shop your picture with little changes.

As soon as you get that craving of french fries, have a look at the picture you want to be. And think about how much more you have to wait to get that. Here you will build self-discipline gradually.

8. Visualise yourself having good habits

When you get to know about your bad habits, you start stressing about them. Don’t over think instead start paying attention to what kind of habits you want to have. Visualise yourself with those habits.

If you want to save money and be wealthy, don’t think of spending money on expensive clothes and expensive travel destinations. Rather start visualising yourself having money in your bank account or investment and lying on the bed happily.

Believe me, these things change our thinking pattern and so the triggers for bad habits. It will be difficult in the beginning, but as you will grow, breaking a bad habit will become easy.

9. Don’t stress too much but take action

Stress often triggers bad habits. Don’t push yourself and don’t stress. Go slow on yourself. Because little changes daily makes a big difference at the end of the year.

break bad habits by regularly working on them and replacing with good habits.

Tips to break bad habits and build self discipline to live a happy and productive life.


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