Learn to relieve stress from work pressure to live a happy life

9 Ways to relieve stress from work pressure

Stress stress stress, it is everywhere. Deadlines, work pressure and stress of finding work, managing work, promotions, family, relationships. There is a long list of stress triggers. And our mind and heart have to deal with everything happening in the outside world. We all know that stress is the cause of most chronic diseases. It squeezes out the happiness from our lives.

There are many things you can do to relieve stress. It is difficult to totally eliminate the stress but it is really possible to manage the stress before it becomes chronic. ( If you feel that stress is taking a toll on your health and relationships, it is important to go Medical Practitioner).

1. Meditation and deep breathing

Meditation helps in soothing our minds. It has a therapeutic effect on our body and mind. Most of us know the real positive effect of meditation on our health but don’t incorporate it into our daily schedules. It is important to squeeze some time from your busy schedule for meditation to calm your mind.

Stress will ultimately lower when your mind wanders less. Whenever you feel that you are getting stressed and overwhelm have replaced excitement, just stop, start deep breathing and try to breathe mindfully. It will help you in lowering down stress. All that extra oxygen will help in more blood circulation and relaxed mind and body.

2. Exercise helps relieve stress

Exercise helps in releasing good hormones in your body.  It helps in releasing feel-good neurotransmitters which helps in stabilising your stress. Exercise and all the physical activity helps in releasing endorphins which are considered having a similar effect as painkillers. Physical activity reduces the amount of stress hormones namely adrenaline and cortisol in the body.

Exercise and sports help in keeping you busy in recreation activities and giving you less time to worry and negative thoughts. Mind and soul always feel relaxed when there is no worry and negativity.

What exercise can do for you :

  • Release feel-good hormones
  • Increase sleep and relax your mind and body
  • You feel more active and confident which helps in tackling difficult situations without giving you stress

3. Learn to say NO

Sometimes as humans we try to please everybody, but in doing so, it becomes hard to concentrate on every task and project. Unfinished tasks always give a kind of overwhelm and stress.

If somebody asks you to do their task, it is better to say NO rather than not completing that task and feeling guilty about it. Another person may have some deadline to finish but you didn’t complete that. This can take a heavy toll on your relationships and can become a cause for worry and stress.

Never try to please everybody as you cannot please everybody. Better, learn to say NO and save your self from extra stress.

4. Stop multitasking

Most of the time, multitasking triggers stress because you try to accomplish each and every task altogether. Multitasking requires your brain to adjust to a new task every time you juggle tasks. In doing so you waste time and your brain takes time to adjust to the new task.

After some time, you start feeling stressed because you have accomplished nothing. To avoid this kind of stress, start with one task, complete that and then move to the next task. Most effective strategies to combat this is to block time for a given task, accomplish it and move on to the next task.

5. Learn to beat procrastination

Procrastination is putting your tasks off for another time. When you don’t complete your tasks, they always surface your mind now and then. Unaccomplished tasks always create a stressful situation. It is in your best interest to resolve small tasks immediately and don’t let them pile up in the realms of your mind.

Procrastination becomes a habit if you don’t tame it.

?Pro tip: If you love to procrastinate but want to beat this bad habit, take action to start your most dreaded task. Taking action makes it a bit easy to work on difficult tasks.  

How to beat Procrastination and laziness to be more productive

6. Take supplements to relieve stress from work pressure

Some of the supplements have a very good effect on stress management. If stress is becoming chronic, start getting some supplements (Please contact your health care provider before starting any supplements). Magnesium, Melatonin ( sleep hormone released by the body ), Vitamin B complex ( required for cell metabolism). Vitamin B12 is a key for having better brain function.

I recently got diagnosed with severe Vitamin B12 deficiency. Though I had nothing to stress, I felt stressed and started forgetting everything. I was given 6 Vitamin B12 injections to load my body with B12. I am feeling much better now. My body has stopped metabolising Vitamin B12. Supplementing it with Vitamin B12 has helped me a lot. Omega 3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q 10, Ashwagandha are really considered good for relieving stress from work pressure.

7. Well balanced diet

A well-balanced diet is a key to happy and stress-free body and mind. Healthy and wholesome foods are known for their good effect on stress management.

Complex carbs are considered good in releasing serotonin in the brain. Citrus fruits full of Vitamin C are helpful in increasing immunity as well as taming stress. Vitamin C helps in coping with stress.

Nuts and seeds also a great source for reducing stress. Eating a few nuts daily may help in reducing the inflammation in your arteries and Cholesterol. Another superfood considered very well is avocado.  It is rich in potassium which helps in lowering blood pressure.

8. Listen to music

This one is my favourite. Listening to music let you forget all the worries and stress and let you get immersed in the beats of music. Though classical music is considered to be best in stress management any kind of music helps in making you feel good.( stay away from sad songs  please )

9. Go out and connect with nature

Natural surroundings always help you in managing your stress. Always sitting inside in covered areas make you prone to stress. When you go out in nature, it helps you in reducing your blood pressure( if you have), reduces stress hormones and helps in releasing feel-good hormones.

This is the reason, nowadays plants and herbs are planted even inside the offices. They help in giving a better environment which is good for working as well as the human body.

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