Habits make a person. It is true that positive habits can change your life for the better.

If you want to be a different person tomorrow, you have to learn different habits today. To change your habit, you have to do it again and again. It is said that it takes 21 days to acquire a new habit. Do something consistently, intentionally for some time and you will have a changed habit.

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1. Starting day early

Rising early and starting my work daily has really improved my productivity a lot. You can accomplish so much more before your family members wake up. And the quite, serene time of morning just pumps up your motivation to accomplish everything so fast.

If you are not a morning person and don’t like to start your day early, start with 5 minutes waking up early.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Benjamin Franklin

I know, it is not easy to wake up early for most of the people, especially when it is dark. But as it is said, if you win your morning, you can win your day. 

Waking up early helps you in being better equipped at handling your tasks and productivity as well as it is good for your physical health. Rising up early gives you better concentration to work and time to exercise.

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2. Calming my mind from chatter

Have you ever paid attention to the chatter you have in your head? If you listen to this chatter, you will be surprised to learn how much you talk with your own self. And most of the time it is something negative or about getting angry or the things which make you angry.

Quite that chatter and you will know how much stress you have relieved. Meditation and mindfulness can help you a lot on this. When you become aware of what you are thinking and the effects you can have with these thoughts, you will definitely want to divert your thoughts.

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3. Finding purpose in everything

If you really want to be happy and be content, find purpose in simple chores you do daily. I have started feeling happy about all the household chores. I feel better and happy about all the chores I do. Washing dishes is no more a dreaded task for me.

I listen to the sound of water and the enjoy that sound. Water falling on my hands give me happiness. I was not like this earlier. I always dreamed of something to happen which could give me happiness. But that happiness never occurred. This changed my perception of being happy. And I started enjoying my every day and everything.

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4. Stop being a YES person

We all have 24 hours in a day and if we go on saying yes to everybody for everything, we will not be able to accomplish anything. Sometimes you don’t feel good while saying No to somebody because the other person may not be happy with you.

That is totally fine because it is your time and you have a lot to do. If you will not accomplish your own work then who else will. The other person will understand this slowly. This habit has changed me a lot and saved me a good amount of time. Earlier I used to say yes to all my friends and never said no. This took a lot of my time and I wasted a lot of time. Now, when I say no, I say it politely and explain in a small sentence why I said so. It makes sense and saves me a lot of time.

5. Paying gratitude for everything

Paying gratitude liberates from the feeling of scarcity. It helps in letting you know the blessings in your life. There are two ways I think. One is ‘ I have accomplished nothing in my life and I have got nothing,’ The other way is ‘ I am happy about all these ( name them and they are many ) blessings in my life. And I thank God for all these beautiful blessings in my life.

Saying thanks to other people around you makes you happy as well as the other person. Just a shift in the way of thinking has changed me for better. Paying gratitude has helped me in knowing my blessings and helped in gaining an abundance attitude.

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6. Eating healthy intentionally

Intentional eating has helped me in being more active and has helped in increasing my focus. It is an act which reminds you to eat healthy every time you want to eat junk food. Eating a healthy whole food breakfast with less sugar makes you more healthy.

Pay attention every time you want to eat something. Be aware of what you are putting into your stomach. How you eat your food makes a difference not only your physical health but your emotional well-being also.

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7. Stop getting angry on small things

I was a short-tempered person. But now I have changed my habit a lot. I don’t get angry about things that don’t matter. I don’t even listen to those things and have stopped weaving around those angry thoughts. It is difficult to concentrate on more important things of life when you don’t have a peaceful mind.

Getting angry on every little thing takes all the positive energy out of your mind and body which otherwise you would have used it for productive tasks.

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8. Meditation daily or whenever possible

Meditation has helped me in calming my mind and helps in feeling motivated to do those tasks which are really important for success and beautiful life. It was difficult in the beginning and I always wanted to my self, not today, I will meditate tomorrow. But somehow I kept doing and now I cannot live without it.

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9. Setting daily routines

Daily routines help you acquire good habits. Daily routines have helped me in combating my habit of procrastination. When you start some good routines, it takes some time to build. Keep these routines for some time and after a while, these routines will become your habit.

Setting daily routines has helped me in being more productive. Taking action NOW is what I like the most now. Daily routines become like a ritual. As it is said, rituals have the power. You don’t have to think about what to do now if you have made a routine.

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9 positive habits that changed my life for better . These are really simple habits that increase your productivity.

9 positive habits that changed my life for better and can help you change your life too.

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