Whenever we talk about Survey sites, it comes into mind whether they are legit or area scam? I can say from my experience that Vindale research is totally legitimate. I myself try to complete a few surveys daily on Vindale search because there are always a lot of surveys waiting to be completed.

Making money with survey sites by giving your opinions is the easy way to make some side income. Of course, you will not become rich but earning a few hundred dollars each month with few clicks sitting on your couch is not a bad idea.

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  Check this Vindale research review to see if it is legit or a scam

Yes, it is a company which is around for some years. It is a New York based company and provides surveys for people in USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Vindale research claims that it has already paid $5m to users for giving their opinions.

There are many ways to make money with Vindale search.

  • Taking surveys and providing your opinions
  • By referring people
  • Watching videos
  • Reward emails

Big brands use surveys and consumer opinions to get opinions about the products. This way survey sites provide money to people like us who want to earn extra money sitting on the couch in their free time.

Make money with studies

You will get lots and lots of surveys from Vindale Research. Just make sure to pick the surveys that pay more or fewer efforts. What I have noticed that I get screened out of surveys after answering so many questions and wasting a lot of time. Even then I was able to get around $52 from Vindale search. When I got this much money from just clicks and from one survey site only, it was really a good feeling.,

? Tip: Try to choose surveys which take less time and pay more

This will save you some time and you will not get frustrated because when you get screened out, you really feel bad. Even then it is a good idea to make money from this survey site,

How to sign up with Vndale search?

It is really easy to sign up with Vindale search and it is free. You will get a signup bonus too.

Don’t wait, sign up with Vindale search and start earning money now 

There are many ways you can earn money from Vindale search

1. By Taking Surveys

You can make around $1 to $5 for taking surveys. Vindale search always provides you with lots of surveys and pay well. There are many types of surveys related to shopping interests, financial institutions and automobiles. You will get interesting surveys to do.


2. Referring people

You can also earn money by referring to your friends and family members. When you sign up, you get $2 and when your family member signs up through your link, you will get $5, which is a great way to supplement your income. Of course, you will not get rich by doing surveys but some earning money to save doesn’t hurt.

3. Paid Offers

Vindale search also provides some paid offers. Every day there are some paid offers which you can use to earn some extra cash.  You just have to look for those paid offers to get paid.

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4. Sign up with Panels

You can find more panels to sign up. These panels are also other survey sites which can be used to take up more surveys. This is a unique feature on Vindale Research site which helps you in signing up with more survey sites and hence more chances to earn money.

5. Reward Codes

You can participate in contests and win reward codes which can be redeemed for cash. These reward codes can be found on their Facebook account, Twitter or their blog.

6. Photo of your payment

Yes, my friend, you can earn money by submitting a picture of yourself with the payment proof and you will get paid $5. This is the easiest way to increase your earning. You can see many happy smiling faces on their website holding their payment proofs.

7. Watching Videos

You may get paid for watching ad videos on this survey site. They pay  $.05 for watching a short video.

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Pros of Vidale Research

  • There are always a lot of surveys waiting to be completed.
  • Many ways to earn money along with surveys
  • You get paid for referring people
  • Legitimate and oldest survey site
  • Payments are good for surveys
  • They have a blog, Facebook page and Twitter page where they provide money earning opportunities
  • This site pays you cash by Paypal

Cons of Vindale Research

  • Higher payment threshold as compared to other survey sites
  • Sometimes it takes very long even to screen out
  • Fast expiring surveys so you have to check out many times in a day
  • Website design is not that appealing
  • No mobile app

Reviews on Web

Vindale Research has got mixed reviews as with any other survey sites. Some people are happy but some are not happy with the way this survey site works.

You can check out this yourself and check if you want to sign up with this survey site or not.

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Final Verdict

Vindale research is very much legitimate and you should give it a try to make some extra money sitting on your couch or doing surveys in any spere time.

Vindale Research review : is it legitimate

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