It is known that a human mind thinks about 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts in a day. If these thoughts are not organised, these will make you sluggish and impair your productivity.

How to organise your thoughts to increase productivity with these tips

It is impossible to stop the thoughts whether negative or positive but it is possible to organise them in order to organise your life. Not organising your life will create a mess and you will look like a messy person.

Same goes with the thoughts. Unorganised thoughts let your time slip without you realising that it is slipping. Life organisation starts with the thoughts which is a prerequisite for a productive life. To help organise your thoughts, you can do a few things like writing down, sifting through them, focusing on the important one and give priority to the important ones.

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Write down whatever comes to your mind

Writing down whatever comes to your mind helps a lot in clearing your mind. You don’t have to remember the same thing again and again.

Mornings are best to do this activity. Take a plain paper or dairy and start writing whatever comes to your mind. Divide the page into two parts. Random thoughts and ideas.

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts are those thoughts that just come and go but don’t have a direct correlation with your productivity. But these thoughts can make your life disorganised.

When you write down random thoughts, it becomes easy to sift the important ideas from those thoughts. Keep your notebook near your bed. It will help you in writing your thoughts as soon as they come up in your mind even when you are sleeping.

1.Wake up 15 minutes earlier

Mornings are best to dump down your thoughts and ideas on paper. Whatever comes to your mind, just write down on paper. Do it before making any to do ist.

Waking up early helps you not organising your thoughts but also your day.

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3. Sort out these written thoughts

As of now, you have dumped down each idea and thought on paper. The next step is to sort out all the ideas, tasks, random thoughts into categories and priority list.

Some of these thoughts can be categorised into deadlines, booked meetings, to-do list. Sift through them and create a written list.

3. Have a written list for everything

The human brain is a complex organ and can do marvellous things but is not capable of storing a lot of information. In other words, too much information slows down brain activity as it is difficult to remember everything.

Moreover, memory lapses can make a person forget many important things. After writing down your thoughts on paper, you can make a list out of it. You can divide the written list to categories and subcategories.

4. Stop multitasking

Multitasking slows down productivity and is really bad for our brains. The human mind can focus on one thing at a time. Doing too many things together slows down brain functioning. It is said that our brain takes some time to adjust to the tasks.

When we jump from one task to another, some time is lost in adjusting to a new task. Not only this wastes time but the brain also starts feeling sluggish. Focussing on one task helps our brain in sifting through the thoughts and working on what is relevant.

5. Take a required break

A break is important when you are working long hours in a high-pressure environment. How organised or productive you are, after some time your brain activity slows down. Have you ever felt like you were very productive few minutes ago and now you are slowing down?

To combat this, give yourself a break and let your mind become clear and fresh to start working again on the task.

6. Practice mindfulness

These are simple but effective tips to organise your thoughts. I have a very distracting mind ad these things helps a lot in getting organised with my distracting thoughts.

Practice mindfulness and learn the art of focusing on one thought. Mindfulness is the act of calming your mind by focussing on your breathing and bringing back your attention as soon as you feel it is wandering.

How to organise your thoughts to be productive

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