There are some activities you should do before sleeping. Here are some productive things to do before bed which are simple yet powerful. These will help you sleep well as you have done required things for today as well as you will take some burden off tomorrow.

Productive things to do before bed

Your mornings will be better after this and your day will be more productive.

Better sleep helps in having a productive day and you are better equipped to take the challenges of the day.

In order to sleep better, our bodies have to go through the process of creating melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by a Pineal gland in our body which is a pea-sized gland found just above the middle of your brain.

Melatonin is necessary to produce sleep. Normally it is produced in good quantity during the evening and slows down in the morning when the sun rises.

Productive Things to do before bed

1. Spend time with your loved ones

This one is very important. As humans, we love to stay connected with other fellow beings. This is a simple but effective habit to spend time with our family before going to sleep.

Ending your day by talking to your loved ones make you feel grateful for the loving people around you. This, in turn, energises you to work better the next day.

2. Write a gratitude list

Writing a gratitude list make you feel the abundance in your life. Researches have proved that paying gratitude helps in better sleep. As humans, we have a tendency to think about those things which don’t go well. And these things surface your mind again and again while sleeping.

Writing a gratitude list helps you in remembering all good things in life. This helps in positive energies flowing throughout the next day after a good sleep.

3. Review your day

This one will help you a lot in introspecting your day and you will be better equipped to plan your next day. You may have few tasks to accomplish from today or something might have gone wrong. A review will help you in figuring out any discrepancies.

Moreover, you will able to focus on important goals and activities for optimum productivity after introspecting your day.

4. Plan your next day

Envisioning your next day and planning ahead is the key to success. Writing down what needs to be done the next day takes the pressure off your mind what you will be doing the next day.

It becomes easy to start your day with a plan in front of you. Without wasting any time, you can start your work at the exact time.

5. Meditate

Meditation is powerful. When you meditate, you become aware of your present, your body and of course your abilities. Moreover, it helps in calming down your mind from the chaos of the day.

Meditate helps you shift your mind from the past and future and bring it to present, which further helps in good quality sleep. Also, it increases your focus and concentration.

You can learn how to meditate as a beginner

6. Pray before going to bed

Always pray before sleeping. It helps in having a peaceful and calm mind. We go through so many things during the day, which may have a positive or negative effect on our minds.

Praying and forgiving help in feeling the positive side of life.

7. Read books

Reading a book before sleeping a good way to sleep with good thoughts. It also depends on the type of book you are reading. So, chose one which is motivational and enhance your positive thinking. It is said that our mind creates images when we read books.

It is better to stay with hardcover books because you don’t have to increase screen time before sleeping.

8. Plan your outfit for next day

Normally we have to do a lot of tasks in the morning. Every minute saved can give us some relief so it is better to plan your outfit before sleeping It helps in saving time and keep you calm while getting ready the next morning.

This one is just a simple task but saves you a few minutes.

9. Shut down social media

Social media has become an inseparable part of our life. It has both good and bad like anything else. You can get very engaged communities in groups and can find your old friends.

But increased screen time can have adverse effects on your productivity and sleeping times. Shut down social media and do other important things before sleeping.

10. Write down three tasks

Write down your three tasks which you will be completed as soon as you wake up and have completed your morning routine. These tasks should be in line with your goals.

As you know, big goals get accomplished by breaking then into smaller chunks. These accomplished tasks will set the tone for a better day. Completed tasks help you feel better and focus your energies on important things.

10 productive tings to do before going to bed

These are very simple but effective things to do. Rich and successful people are successful because they plan their days and work according to the plans. Their night-time schedules and what they do before going to bed have a profound effect on their successful careers.

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