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Financial new year resolutions which will help you in growing money

Financial new year resolutions proven to grow wealth

New year is coming and it is time to reflect on past year and make some financial new year resolutions. We always make lot of resolutions but never go past few months. But consistency is the key to be successful in anything we do. Let us plan our financial future and make some financial resolutions this year to become more financially secure.

Resolution with deadline becomes goal. Goals are important to achieve anything we want in life. Financial goals help in maintaining an environment of financial security where you have money for all of your basic needs and for future.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to take charge of your finances and money to secure your future. Let us plan this year and take some steps to reduce debt, increase savings and create an investment portfolio.

1. Review your last year for financial choices you made

To move further, it is really important to see what we did in our past. Same is with our personal finance. Analyse your past year and try to figure out what you did wrong in your last year and where you can improve in present year.

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2. Identify financial goals

Write down what you want to save, invest or buy this year. Identify your financial goals. Classify them into

  • Short term
  • Medium term
  • Long term goals

After classification, figure out how much time you will need to accomplish them. Having clear goals prompt you to take action to achieve what you want.

How to set short term financial goals and make them success

3. Start making budgets

I know , you know this one and is getting very good on budgeting. Stick to it. If you haven’t started yet then start making budget and  stick to it. Creating a budget always spare some money to invest and save even if it is few dollars.

Making budgets have helped everybody who made it.

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4. Identify your bad money habits

We  all have some good or bad habits. It implies to money habits also. Figure out them and try to improve them. Write down all your bad  money  habits and try to change them. If you have a habit of buying all branded clothes, try to stop that.

Start by cutting the frequency of buying the clothes. It is okay to buy sometimes according to your taste. After all we are doing everything to make us happy.

5. Get out of debt

Getting out of debt may take some time but if you want to reduce your debt, you have to make some goals about it. Start by paying extra than your minimum payments even if it is in small denominations.

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Financial new year resolutions to make #money #goals and #grow #wealth this year.

6. Automate your savings

This one is my favourite because when you automate your savings, you don’t have to worry about saving some money in your saving account. Your money will automatically be saved. When you have money in your easy to access account, you may be tempted to spend that money.

It is better automate your savings and from there you can think of investing that money.

7. Start an emergency fund

This should be the most important part of your financial security. Make an emergency fund which will cover at-least 3 months of your income. This will give you a cushion to your finances. When you have some money in your emergency fund, you will become more peaceful and calm.

How to build your emergency fund

8. Plan no spend days/month/ week

Some of the spending like mortgage and bills are necessary. But you can try to reduce your spending on those things. Plan no spend months, or weeks whatever is easy  for you. Though it is not easy to curb that craving of going to shopping, give it a try.

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9. Take care of your health

Taking care of your health will save you in the long run. If you take care of your health now, you will reduce your sick days and reduce trips to doctors and medicines. This will save you money as well a healthy person feels happy.

It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  And a healthy mind can make better decisions for a better life. So take care of your health and wealth will come to you.

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10. Read a personal finance book

It is time to read god books on personal finance because no one teaches us how to manage personal money. Make this one of your financial new year resolutions to teach yourself personal finance.

11. Improve credit score

Improving your credit card score will help you in the long run. Having credit cards is necessary and they are  not bad if you use them wisely. Having good credit health helps you in having better deals on loans and credit card interest rates.

Better credit score also helps you in having better deals on car insurance, easy approval of house rentals loan approvals.

12. Reduce credit card use

If you feel like you are not using your credit cards wisely, it is better to stop using them. Having bad credit decreases your credit score and makes your mind stressful. Having credit cards and using them optimally is a good idea but if you are stressing about the accumulating debt, it is best to avoid that.

Stop using credit cards and stay calm.

13. Increase your retirement contribution

Increase your retirement contribution because the payments which you make for your retirement fund are non taxable. It is a good idea to save money when you are in your prime earning age. Remember, you will need same amount of money for our life even after retirement.

How to save money for your retirement fund

14. Cancel unused subscriptions

There is no use of having any unused subscriptions. Cancel them or don’t renew them in new year. All the magazines and apps which you don’t need but spend money on will always take lot of money out of your pocket.Write all the subscriptions you have on paper and cancel which you don’t want.

Transfer that amount of money in to a high yielding account. Always save the money immediately to your account other wise you will be tempted to spend that money on something else. Remember, you cancelled those subscriptions to save money. Go for it.

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15. Investing should be one of your financial new year resolutions

This is my number one priority in this coming year. I am new to investing. I have already started some micro investing with Raiz. But I am planning  to start some big investments this year. Let us see how will my investment go this year. If you are new to investing

Start investing with Raiz 

16. Start some side income stream

Make this year special by starting some side hustle. If you have some hobby or skill, put that into use for earning some money. Side hustles are great for earning extra money. Internet has opened many doors to earn money. You just need to figure out your niche.

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17. Stick to your financial new year resolutions

Now that you have got your financial resolutions into place, it is time to stick to them and make them successful. This is so important because consistency is the key for anything. Success in each and every area of life comes from  inspiration, determination and consistency.

Let us make this year better than  previous  year and be financial savvy.


17 financial new year resolutions proven to grow wealth and helps in securing your financial future..

Grow your wealth with these financial new year resolutions this coming year. Start saving, earning extra, and investing .

These are my ideas on making some financial resolutions and sticking to them this year. Learning ti invest is my most important goal for this year. And I hope I will go beyond my basic knowledge of investment and stocks.

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