I know what you’re thinking, is $42000 a lot of money? How much is $42000 a year per hour? With simple maths, you can calculate $42000 per year to hours. It comes out to be $20.19 per hour.

If you have just landed a job, you might be thinking of how much you will be paid hourly. If you know your hourly pay rate, excellent. Or You may be considering calculating your pay rate. The pay rate depends on how much you are paid yearly.

You might be considering whether this salary will be enough for your family. Let us find out. If you pay attention to your expenses and live a financially organized life, it is a pretty good salary to live.

How much is $42000 a year per hour?

If you work 40 hours a week, the breakdown would be $42000/52/40 = $20.19 an hour. Your work hours may differ if the full-time work is 38 hours a week. And your breakdown would be 21.25 an hour.

The breakdown is like this:

$42000/year ÷ 2080 hours in a year = 20.19 per hour

$20.19/hour × 8 hours a day = 161.52 per day

161.52 per day × 5 days a week = $807.60 per week

$807.60 × 2 weeks = $1615.20 biweekly

This salary is before tax salary. We all have to pay the tax according to the law of our country.

42000 a year is how much a month after taxes

Depending on your state, your after-tax salary would be $32250 per year to $33450 per year. This is an estimation as your after-tax salary may be in between these figures.

Your take-home income will be a bit lower than before the tax. Here are the weekly, monthly, and biweekly numbers after paying the taxes.

$620.19 – $643.26 weekly

$1241.8- $1286.52 biweekly

$2687.5 – $2787.5 Monthly

Many US states do not have taxes, but it doesn’t mean there is no tax. Taxes come in other ways, like heavy sales tax.

Differences in tax rates impact the take-home salary. You will have less money to save or spend if you pay more taxes.

It is essential to know $42000 a year is how much an hour, per day, per week, biweekly, monthly, and after taxes so that you can plan your expenses and savings. Financial planning is key to living a comfortable life on $42000 a year.

Is $42000 a year a good salary?

$42000 is an excellent salary to live on if you are single. It may be a bit tight if you have a family, but it is still doable. $42000 is also a good salary to start investing and saving for your future.

Remember to always live within your means and make intelligent financial decisions. $42000 is a good salary that can lead to a comfortable life if you are smart about your finances.

$42000/year is above the median salary. So you can live a good life on $42000/year.

Here are some tips:


The best way to save money is to create a budget and stick to it. First, track your spending for two months to know where your money goes. Then, find ways to cut costs. For example, if you spend $200 a month on restaurants, try cooking at home more.


Investing is important because it allows you to grow your money. Talk to a financial advisor to figure out the best way to invest your money.

Live below your means

Just because you make $42000/year does not mean you need to spend all of it. Try to live on less than you make to save and invest more.

Find ways to make extra money

If you want to live a better life on $42000/year, find ways to make extra money. For example, you could get a second job or start a side hustle.

Following these tips can make you live a good life on $42000/year. But, of course, you don’t have to be rich to live a good life. All you need is to be smart with your money.

Create a budget for $2787.5 per month


  • Mortgage/rent – $950
  • Utilities – $200
  • Phone – $100 for phone
  • Internet – $50 for internet
  • Groceries – $200
  • Eating out – $50 for eating out
  • Car payment: 200
  • Transportation costs, including gas, car insurance, and public transportation – $200
  • Entertainment including going to the movies, drinks, and concerts: $50
  • Clothing including new clothes, dry cleaning, and shoes – $200
  • Savings/emergency fund- 200
  • Debt payments, including student loans, & credit cards – $150

This budget leaves $237.50 per month or $2850 per year that you can use for investing.

How can you save money on a $42000/year salary?

You can save more by bargaining with your utility providers and creating a tighter budget. But of course, you can stretch the dollars to a certain extent only. After that, you have to find more ways to earn money.

You can always look for better job opportunities or start some side hustle to earn more.

To wrap up

$42000 is an excellent salary to live on and converted to an hourly rate, it comes out to be $20.19. If you live within your means and follow the financial advice, you can live comfortably and save money.

How much is $42000 a year per hour?