Time Management

19 self-care ideas during hard times to stay healthy

We are in tough times. This is not a normal time when we can say to turn to your families and friends during tough times. There is one word we are listening to everywhere, Social distancing. Do you think that this is the right word? No as a society we cannot distance ourselves from each […]

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Eisenhower Matrix: best way to increase productivity

We all have millions of things to do in a day. Out of these, some of the activities have a direct effect on success while some are not so important. The best part is, our efficiency can be increased by dividing our to-do list into urgent or non-urgent tasks. Eisenhower Matrix is known to be […]

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How to organise your thoughts to be productive

It is known that a human mind thinks about 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts in a day. If these thoughts are not organised, these will make you sluggish and impair your productivity. It is impossible to stop the thoughts whether negative or positive but it is possible to organise them in order to organise your life. […]

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How to be more productive at work with this one strategy


As humans, we always think about how to be more productive at work. Being better at productivity is the key to success. This can be possible with fewer distractions, working at the optimum time, creating a solid to-do list and the list go on. There are many things you can do to make yourself better […]

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