Start a Pinterest account to grow blog traffic and eventually your business

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Grow your Pinterest account to grow blog traffic

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine which helps in searching the content with the help of images. Earlier it was only for DIY and crafts, recipes but now it is much more than that. We can see businesses and bloggers from every niche coming to Pinterest. Pinterest gives so much exposure to your business.

Pinterest seems to be overwhelming when you start but as you go on working on it, you will actually start loving it. My blog is new and whatever traffic I get, I get it from Pinterest. I am thankful to Pinterest for this.

For growing your traffic, you should be on Pinterest. Here are some basic points you need to follow if you want to start on Pinterest. Growing your blog or business with Pinterest is easy but you need to have a strategy for this. Here is an e-course  Pinterest Ninja course which a complete package for growing your account.


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1. Sign up for a Pinterest account to grow your blog traffic

Signing up for a Pinterest profile is easy. Go to Pinterest and sign up with your email. You can sign up either with your Facebook or Twitter account. You will have your profile running just by submitting your information. After signing up you will get a confirmation email. After you confirm your account, you are set to start.

Complete your profile with the keywords. Don’t stuff keywords but you can always add them nicely and in the context of your niche.

2. Turn it into a business account

If you want to use Pinterest for your business or blog to grow, convert your account to business account. A business account allows using of analytics for your account. It will become easy to measure the growth of your blog. A business account gives a professional look to your page.

3. Create at-least 10 boards related to your niche

Create at least 10 boards related to your niche. Name your boards according to keywords. For keyword search .type a word in the search area and see what comes up. Then name according to the keywords but don’t overdo it. Also, make some other lifestyle-related boards. Like DIY and recipes boards. And relate them to your niche.

For example, if you are a personal finance blogger, you can create a budget recipes board or budget dresses. There are many options.


4. Start making pins

Design your beautiful vertical pins to add to your boards. Whenever you write a blog post, try to make at least three pins with different designs for your post. And add them to your boards. For creating pins use Canva. Canva is easy to work with.

When you start working on Canva, feels overwhelming but when you get some practical experience with it, it becomes easy and you can make beautiful pins as you like. You can play with colours, with fonts, sizes of the pics and many more.

5. Upload pins to relevant boards

Now that you have created pins for your post, add them to relevant boards. While uploading makes sure you write keywords rich description on your pins.

6. Link to your blog posts

Always add relevant blog post URL to the pin. Adding relevant URL make it easier for a person to go to your blog post and if somebody wants to read your blog post, can go directly to your blog post. If you will not add URL to your pin, it will say ‘ Uploaded by user ‘. In this case, you will lose potential viewers to your blog.

7. Write pin descriptions

Pin descriptions are very important. Pinterest is a visual search engine same as google, but here the magic is in ‘images’. You see an image, you like it and click on it. These pins or images have descriptions on it which help them to show in the smart feed.

8. Schedule your pins using tailwind

For consistent growth on Pinterest, you need to pin several times a day and every day. It is difficult for a blogger to have so much time to spare every day for publishing pins. Here comes the lifesaver ‘Tailwind’. It is a pin scheduler where you can schedule pins for a week in advance.

You can spend an hour for scheduling your pins for a week. And then schedule some pins every day manually if you find the time. Tailwind is a scheduler which is approved by Pinterest and can be used to schedule pins in advance.

9. See your traffic growing

Pinterest takes a little bit time to grow your traffic but once it starts, you can tap that traffic to your advantage. If you want to focus on growing your traffic fast, invest in some course. I have found Pinterest Ninja Course to be the best for mastering Pinterest

10. Check your Pinterest analytics

Pinterest analytics is a great way to interpret the growth of your account. In the beginning, it feels little overwhelming, but with experience, you will learn to track your growth. Pinterest Ninja Course will teach you how to track your growth by interpreting your Pinterest Analytics.

11. Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest

This is the best part because you can start affiliate marketing with Pinterest. Learn affiliate marketing with Affiliate Actionable Plan.  This ebook will teach you to step by step, how to make money with Affiliate Marketing as a new blogger.  With Pinterest, you can start affiliate marketing in two ways,

  1. Pins that direct to blog posts with links affiliate links
  2.  Pins with direct links to the sales page pf affiliate product

Bith the strategies work and you should focus on both and see which one works better.

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