Etsy shop ideas to consider while looking to sell creatively.

Etsy shop ideas to sell your creations on etsyDo you love creating your own products ? Do you have an idea of creating something and selling ? Then etsy is the answer. You can sell your hand made crafts on etsy. Anything like crochet,  printable , art, knitting and many more handmade things sell at etsy. The only thing is that you have to figure out which product you want to sell. Before designing any product, you need to plan about the price, overheads like taxes, shipping ( for physical product). Research before starting anything.

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You can sell anything as long as it is designed by you and not taken from any other seller. Except vintage items, which can be resold.

If you have that burning desire  of doing something creative and make a living out of it then start selling on etsy. It is best to earn money from your hobbies and have some side income. You can start your online store yourself but it will take some time to have traffic. Whereas places like Etsy already have their customer base. You just need to stand out from the crowd.Here are the categories and products you can sell on Etsy.

Jewellery and Accessories

Jewellery is an integral part of women’s fashion. A piece of jewellery can make or break entire look of a person. As women, whenever you have to dress up, you need a different and unique look. If you want to look different and beautiful at the same time, Etsy is your place to go. Handmade jewellery is very famous on Etsy. In May, 2018, Etsy rolled out  a list of 100 high ranked shops. And 9 out of 10 were  jewellery stores. People love handmade things because they are unique.

Along with jewellery, accessories enhance a persons look. These are the categories of products which sell like hot cake on Etsy. And are women’s best firends.


2. Handbags

3. Belts and braces

Home and living

This one is my favorite. I just love to buy from Etsy to decorate the house. I have gifted some items to my friends and they just loved it. If you can design or  make wall decor , decorative cushions , picture frames and displays yourself, start selling now, don’t wait.

You can sell any of these products in this category. There are more categories which you can sell but I feel like if you want to start selling, these ones are good. But you can start with anything you like.

4. Wall Decor

5. Decorative cushions

6. Picture frames & displays

7. Storage Organization

Wedding and party

There are numerous ways to make a wedding party a memorable day. This includes personalized cards, wedding jewellery, invitation cards, wedding dresses party decor and many more. You just need to figure out your passion and outline a plan to make your dream of owning an online shop a dream. If you want to succeed in this category, there are so many options to get started.

Party decorations sell like hot cake on Etsy. Everybody loves to give unique look to their great day. Why not make it your business.

8.Wedding Jewellery

9.Invitations and paper

10.Party decor

11.Wedding gifts

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Toys and entertainment

This is another category on Etsy that do well for people who like to create handmade things. Either you can create  the products yourself or you can design and get it made from third party. The only thing is that you have to disclose it on your shop. Either you can create crafts or you can sell craft supplies also. Journals, diaries are also great to create and sell.

12. Baby and toddler toys

13. Stuffed animals

14. Blank books

15. Kid’s crafts

Art and collectibles

These things sell well on Etsy. If you like to create art or have collectibles to sell, you can sell it on Etsy. There is a huge market for art which looks unique.

16. Prints and painting

17. Dolls and Miniatures


Handmade clothes also have a good market. This one is good if you have that knack for sewing and designing clothes. You can design and sell clothes on Etsy. Whether they are for adults or kids. Handmade clothes are unique and look different from store bought clothes. These dresses give you a different look. Personalized kids clothing is a big seller on Etsy.

18. Clothing for adults and kids

Craft supplies and tools

If you don’t want to create crafts but want to sell just supplies, you can do this too on Etsy. Craft supplies and tools to create crafts can be easily sold on Etsy. I mean it is not so easy to sell because you will be competing with many other stores. It is one of the category which can be sold on Etsy.

19. Candle making and doll making

20. Sewing and fiber


Vintage items have huge demand. People who like vintage items have to travel a lot for finding these items but if they can find it on Etsy, it becomes easy to buy them and save time.If you love collecting vintage items and want to make money from them, create a shop on Etsy.

21. Vintage items

How to setup your Etsy shop

Now you must have figured out till now what you want to create and sell on Etsy. How you will do it. Setting up an Etsy shop is an easy  process. It is easy and not at all complicated. There are some points you should keep in mind while creating shop on Etsy.

  • Have your product ready and gather all the resources
  • Brainstorm a name for your Etsy shop
  • Take captivating photos of your product
  • Set realistic goals
  • Think like customer and consider some keywords for your product
  • Don’t think too much and take action

If you have plan then don’t think too much and start your shop now. Here is an overview of starting an etsy shop.

1. Start by naming your shop

Name your shop as per your products. Choose an enticing and beautiful shop name. Check on google first so that nobody has taken that name already. Also choose suggestive names about your brand and products. Your shop name should reflect your products. This helps customers to immediately recognize what they will be getting from your shop.

Name your etsy shop

2. Listing products on your shop

Add pictures of your products in your shop . Pictures should be bright and beautiful. Always take pictures in natural light. Be sure that your pictures don’t look blue or dull. Get pictures against lighter background.

Product pictures on your shop

3. Listing details

List the details about the product.This constitutes the details about who created the product and who designed it. Also you have to write down the dimensions of the product.

Listing details for etsy shop

2. Writing product description

Write enticing product description. First customers will see beautiful pictures of products. Then your product description will do the magic. It should entice customers to click your products. Along with this, you should have some knowledge about the SEO. Being online means, you cannot survive without a basic knowledge about SEO.

SEO helps your products to come up in  search while customers search for particular product.

Also you need to specify how much time you will take to ship products. Downloads can be downloaded as soon as the payment is complete.

3. Billing and payments

Here you have to add information about your self and the ways you have to get paid.  You can use Etsy payments or paypal for payments. If you are using etsy payments then  a fee of 3.5% of your pricing (  including shipping) and a fee of 0.20 p for listing. The listing goes for 4 months. If you want to use paypal then their fee is 3.4% of your pricing ( including shipping ) and .20p for listing. Here is detailed post by Etsy.

How you will get paid on Etsy.

After adding your billing details, you are ready to sell your beautiful created products  on Etsy.

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Etsy is a platform which is good for people who could create handmade things and sell. You cannot  buy things from seller and resell it on Etsy. Rather the items should be either designed by you or created by you.These is the list of some of the items which you can resell on Etsy and make some side income. Think about your passion and turn it into business. Best wishes for your success. Please share post  if you like it.