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Electricity prices are going through the roof, so if you want to decrease your bill you need to work on your habits of using electricity. It is in your best interest to figure out some tips to save money on energy bills. Always be  mindful of the usage and try to incorporate electricity saving  habits in daily routines.

Energy makes life easier but makes our wallet life bit difficult. If you really want to have a good wallet health, you need to pay attention to everything you do. It is in your best interest to save money from wherever you can save.

There are many ways to save money. For shopping you can save  money by getting cash back with Cashrewards and Ebates. If you really want to make your wallet healthier, start some side hustles. Also you can start  using surveys and apps  to save money.

Tips to save electricity


1. Stop the leak outs and block outs

Check your insulation of house and all the leaks. Because old houses may have some wear and tear which leaks heat as well as cold air. You may need more than required electricity to heat or cool the house.

2. Use solar powered hot water systems

Solar power systems are great for saving money. Solar systems are great for reducing your power bills by generating clean energy for house hold usage.

3. Shop around for electricity provider

There are always so many energy providers to shop around. For saving money it is best to talk to various energy providers before settling for a one energy provider. And never think like you are a loyal customer to one energy provider.

4. Use fans instead of air cons

If you feel like it is not too hot outside, it is best to use air fans instead of air cons. Fans use much less energy than air cons. Eventually you will save lot of energy and money on these.

5. Install solar systems to save money on energy

Installing solar panels to generate electricity reduces the burden of electricity bills. If you live at a place which have plenty of sunshine, having solar panels will do wonders for your energy bills.

6. Wash your clothes in cold water

This really saves you lot of money because washing every time your clothes in hot water uses lot of energy and you can save money by using less hot water and more cold water.

7. Air dry your washed clothes

Drying your clothes in air can save you significant amount of money on electricity. Air drying not only saves energy but keeps your clothes fresh and helps in removing any odors. Better for people with sensitive to strong perfumes.

8 Keep your thermostat  lower than required in winter

If you are in habit of keeping your thermostat at 24 degrees , try to lower it at one degree and keep it at 23 degrees in winter. It will save you significant amount of money. It is time to put on  jumper. Increase your layer of clothes.

9. Keep seals of your fridge intact

On the long run, everything deteriorates. Fridge is not an exception. Seals of fridge wears over time. If you can remove it, replace it with new one. It will improve the performance of your fridge a lot.

10. Switch to LEDs

LED bulbs uses 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. It is advisable to replace your bulbs with LED bulbs.

11. Always cook in the oven in big amount

Try to cook in batches. Also use convection for cooking. It is said that you can save around 20% of electricity with convection method. Keep your oven clean. It will help you in using less energy. Cover your food while cooking.

12. Get your home insulated

Well insulated house keeps heat inside in winter and cooling in summer. You will need less energy to heat and cool your house.

13. Use your dishwasher wisely

Dishwasher can save you significant amount of money and water if you use it wisely. Use the economical button for cleaning utensils and air dry your utensils . After the cleaning and washing is done, open the door of dishwasher and let the utensils air dry.

14. Use smart thermostats

Thermostats to adjust temperature automatically is the best way to save money on energy. Try to regulate your energy usage for this.

15. Upgrade your power board and start using the new generation smart power boards

These smart docking stations for appliances are good for saving electricity and will help you in reducing the electricity waste.

16. Take short showers

Reducing your time under shower will not only save you water bills but also electricity bills. Time under shower will also reduce the usage of hot water which eventually will save you electricity. So this could be a win win situation. Saving water as well as electricity.

17. Blinds & curtains

Use blinds and curtains wisely for your advantage. Keep them open in winter and down in summer. Sunlight coming in will heat up your house from inside and you will not need heating that much. While keeping them down will save you electricity by keeping the house cold in summer.

18. Use dimmers

Use dimmers and set your light to reduce power bills. For outside bulbs, use combined movement sensors. You can use LED lights to save electricity and they last longer.

19. Dress up smartly and wisely

Put on your clothes properly in winter and shorts and tees in summer. There is no value in wearing tees and shorts and turning your thermostats high. Keep your energy usage in check by using all these steps.

20. Use natural light

Don’t keep your house dim and dark during day time. Use sunlight to brighten your house. It will save you significant amount of energy on the long run,

21. Use microwave often

Microwave use less energy than other forms of cooking. Wherever possible cook with microwave and save energy.

21 simple and actionable tips to save electriciy. Little changes in our day to day life can save you lot of money.Click to read.

These are really simple and actionable tips to save money on energy bills. You just need to pay attention to how you use electricity and change your way of using it. I hope this will really help you in saving some money as this has helped me in reducing my electricity bills.

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