Having good money habits makes a huge difference in your financial future. There is an old saying that says ‘old habits die hard. But the best part is that science has proved that there is a cure for old bad habits, ‘replace them’ with good habits ?. As with other habits, good money habits are required to build wealth.

45 good money habits that make huge difference

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Getting good money habits is not always avoiding spending, it is much more than that. For me, it was changing the mindset about money. I am sure you are with me on this one. Changing your mindset leads to taking required action to change the present situation.

45 good money habits that make huge difference
Good money habits to build wealth and that can change your life

I am raised in a family where we had enough to meet our basic needs but never had too much to spend on whatever we liked and whenever we wanted. It was always like not spending money on clothes and toys too much. Finally, I understood that I need to change my mindset about money.

Good money habits really make a huge difference in your overall financial condition

1. Change your mindset

This one is the real gold and will have a huge impact on your wealth growth. Never ever think money to be evil. It is the most beautiful thing because it can help you buy those things which you need. It is an old saying that money cannot buy you happiness. I agree but the lack of money can’t either. I always argued with my mother on this one. If the lack of money cannot buy happiness then why not have it. At least you don’t have to think about money always.

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2. Say positive money affirmations daily

Positive affirmations are really important if you want to succeed in your wealth-building efforts. Saying positive affirmations release negativity from your mind.

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3.Visualise yourself to be rich

Visualization is a powerul technique to attract the things you want in your life. Visualize yourself to be rich and and happy and it will help your mind to see the positivity.

You may not be rich at the moment, but things may start changing gradually. Ofcourse, you have to take actions to match the visualization.

4.  Pay gratitude for whatever you have

Even if you feel like you don’t have enough but your basic needs are met, be thankful for that. And pay gratitude for whatever you have. Paying gratitude will help you in minimising the effects of scarcity thoughts. Gradually you will start building the thoughts of abundance and you will learn that you don’t want a huge amount of money to be happy.

Now as you have changed your mindset, it gets better from here. You are more receptive to the beautiful money thoughts and it will really help you in growing your wealth. I know it is a lot to read but bear with me. Building wealth will become much easier and fun after changing your mindset. Now the next part is creating financial goals.

Even if you feel like you don’t have enough to meet your both ends meet, you have to save.

5. Create Money Goals

Money goals will make you focus on how much you want to save. And when you have a goal, you work hard to achieve it. Same as with any other goal, when you focus on a savings goal, you will be able to identify the ideas to save.

6. Classify them into Long term, short term and mid-term goals

Create money goals and divide them into Long term, midterm and short term goals. Breaking big goals into smaller goals helps them make attainable.

 Stay with me and take your next action towards saving.

” Beware of little expenses. A little leak will sink a great ship.” Benjamin Franklin

7. Track your spending

First of all, start tracking your spending as it will help you where your money is going on. Budgeting becomes easy after you know how much you need to spend.

8. Make a budget

Budget is required to save money. If you will not create a budget, you will loose money by spending on unnecessary things.

Budget helps you in sticking to the required expenses to live a comfortable life.

9. Cancel unused subscriptions

Unused subscriptions are of no use. If you have a magazine subscription, gym membership or other memberships which you never use, just cancel them. If you cannot find time to use those subscriptions today, it is highly that you will not have time for them tomorrow. Better, cancel them.

10. Look for hidden fees everywhere

You have to look for things that may be recurring fees. always read the documents before signing up for any services.

11. Save first even if it is a small amount

Whatever you are earning, make a habit of saving some money. Keep some percentage for saving then start your budget. This way, you will have that money set aside even if you earn less. The saved money will not be available immediately for expenses.

12. Meal plan and cut your grocery spending

Meal planning is necessary because this will save you from buying those ingredients which will just lye in your pantry or fridge and get deteriorated. It is really difficult to think every day about what to cook.

Get meal plans to be delivered to your email. Sign up with meal plans and get your meal plans. You know what, you don’t have to think always what to cook.

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14. Make a grocery list and stick to it

Grocery is a big expenditure. Ultimately food or basic necessities are very important. And believe me, without a list, most of us have a tendency of buying everything else but not the necessary stuff. If you don’t have a list, you just go and look on supermarket aisles for inspiration “what to buy”.

The mind gets confused and buys those things which you even don’t need.

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15. Eat frugally but healthy

Maintaining health is required for a happy life. But you don’t need to spend a lot on food. Just eat mindfully, simple seasonal food and you are done. Wherever possible, cook your food at home. When you cook your food from scratch, you know which ingredients you are using and how much.

You and your wallet, both will be healthy.

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16. Start couponing

If you haven’t used coupons, this is the time to start using coupons for saving money. Couponing is a great way to save on shopping. It is important to save with coupons as well as make use of sales. Don’t buy things on a whim. Wait for sales. Use coupons along with sales and you would have saved really a lot.

17. Saving  each and every penny

Without saving any money you will not be able to grow your wealth.  Always save a set amount of money. Automate your savings and you don’t have to think about saving anymore.


Automate your savings and pay your self first.

18. Save on utility bills

Try to cut your utility spending. Not paying any attention towards your bills, and usage of utilities will take a big chunk of money from your wallet. Keeping lights on when you don’t need and washing a very small load of clothes in a big washing machine will let you spend a lot on water and electricity. Be mindful of these things. You will see the impact of your choices on your bills.

19. Stop spending as a hobby

If you feel like you are a shopaholic, please change this habit. You will not be able to save any money along with shopping love. I have seen people who can spend all the money before their next paycheck.  They don’t realise, these paychecks can stop anytime. Anything may happen. For them, spending becomes a habit which eats up all the money. They feel enjoyment in spending money on the stuff even if they don’t need it.

20. Save on shopping

Online shopping has made it possible to buy everything with a click. It is easy to spend money but if you will exercise caution, you can get some cash back with sites like Ebates.

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21. A manageable mortgage is one of the good money habits you need

Housing, whether it is a mortgage or renting, takes a big chunk of your income. If you really want to save money for your self, it is in your best interest to downsize your house. Saving enough money for a down payment before buying also saves money on the mortgage.

22. Forget about expensive cars

Everybody loves big fast expensive cars. But the actual thing is they cost a lot. The only reason for having a car is to transport you to and fro. It can be done in an inexpensive car also. So why to spend on big cars. Big cars need more fuel and also you have to shell out more money on their maintenance.

23. Not spending too much on entertainment

Entertainment is classified into  TV, outings, leisure travel and many more things. Don’t stop entertaining yourself but keep your spending under control. Spending too much on entertainment can make you broke. Go for free/low-cost entertainment wherever possible.

24. Expensive gifts

Always go for affordable gifts for your family and friends. Gifts are making everybody happy. Gifting very expensive things can make a big hole in your wallet. Always gift according to your budget. Those gifts which are gifted with love are the best.

25. Build your emergency fund

Having an emergency fund will give you a cushion for any emergencies. Start with a small amount of money stashing in your savings account and don’t touch that money. Keep it strictly for emergencies.

26. Review your finances regularly

The most effective way to control your finances is to review them frequently. A beautiful phrase I read on developgooodhabits, “what get measured get managed”. It will help you in tracking your spending and purchases. And also your saving.

27. Review your bills every few months

Energy rates change every now and then. Always keep an eye out for any changes and if you see any changes in rates, talk to the providers or change providers.

28. Using credit cards wisely or not at all

I have seen some people who go on holidays on credit cards. They spend money from their credit cards and then they work twice to pay that credit card debt. I think they should save money for their holidays and save themselves from the stress of credit card debt.

Buying anything big or travelling on credit money is not a wise thing. It is better to hate credit cards instead of loving them.

45 good money habits that make huge difference in your financial health.

Start earning more to build wealth

If you have a few hours every week which you can spend to earn some side income, go for it. There are many ways to spend your time earning money.

29. Spend time not money

It is wise to spend time with your loved ones instead of money in shopping centres. Play with your kids or talk with your family members, play some sport together.

30. Earn money instead of spending

If you spend a lot of time on your smartphones checking social media, it is better to use that time to make money. The easiest way is to make some money from surveys.

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31. Start some side job to earn extra money

If you have stretched the dollar to the fullest, it is better to start a side hustle. Here are some ideas to start some side job if you are serious about it.

If you are good at finding errors then you can start proofreading. These 25 sites will help you find proofreading work. 

Here is a list of some side hustles to start today and earn money.

Start investing and reap the benefits of compounded interest

If you haven’t started investing, start it now. It will take you on a better financial future.

32. Invest money

Investing is considered a bit risky. I myself was averse to investing but once I got into the habit of investing, it feels better and it is not that scary as it was. Read how to start investing as a beginner here.

33. Start with micro-investing  app Acorns

Acorns will round up your purchase and will let you save cents and invest for you. You can read my full review here. And start investing your change now.

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34. Read personal finance articles daily

There is a plethora of information on personal finance nowadays. Personal finance is not taught in schools or colleges. It is important to teach it yourself. Read some blogs to teach about how to invest.

35. Increase your superannuation contribution every time you get a raise

In Australia, we have superannuation which is same as 401k in America. Each time you get a raise, increase your contribution.

36. Build your retirement fund

Get ready for retirement as you cannot rely on social security.

    ⭐  Paying off debt is as important as saving and investing

Whatever way you chose to pay off your debt, just pay it. Whether you use debt snowball or debt avalanche, start tackling your debt in small steps.

37. Track your debt  and grow your wealth

  • Housing: Housing is the biggest expense, if you haven’t paid your mortgage or if you are renting. It is huge. Start paying a little extra each month
  • Car loans: 
  • Credit cards: Credit cards charge a big amount of late fees. Pay any debt on credit cards as soon as possible.
  • Any other loans: Make a list of any other personal or other loans and pay first with the biggest interest rate.

Some more money habits you need to build wealth

38. Avoid lottery tickets

Don’t waste your precious money on lottery tickets. There is always a very minute chance of winning a lottery. Instead, invest that money and reap the benefits of compounded interest.

39. Shop only after a comparison

Compare the prices before buying anything. If you are going for a big purchase, it is important to ‘comparison shop’.

40.  Regularly checking your accounts

Check regularly your credit card reports and bank statements for any extra payments or fraudulent activities.

41. Reward yourself occasionally

It is beneficial for you and your family to reward by splurging in activities which otherwise you avoid saving money. Pampering yourself is required for your better well-being.

42. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Avoid these health deteriorating activities as much as possible. Smoking is an expensive habit.

43. Pay bills on time

This will save you a late fee and some money.

44. Properly maintaining your car and home

When you take care of your car and home, you save yourself from emergency repairs (which are quite expensive) as well as these last longer.

45. Reading contracts before signing

Read carefully your contracts before signing because they may have some hidden cost stated in the contract.

All these money habits will definitely help you in growing your wealth.

45 good money habits to build wealth and earn money.

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