Are you looking to start a blog? Create a blog and start sharing what is on your mind. Let others learn from your expertise. There are still many types of blogs that make money even now.

I know you may be wondering, how the hell can I be successful in this already chaotic world of blogging? The answer lies in yourself because there is no other person like you.

You are unique, and everybody is unique, so what you will be creating will be amazing. So pour your heart and soul into your writing, and you will have a blog.

Type of blogs that make money even now

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You can have many reasons to start a blog, and the only catch is that it should be able to motivate you to do something for your blog’s growth daily. For me, my why is number 3. It motivates me every day to work on blogging-related tasks.

Money is a great motivator, and how hard you hate it, you cannot live without it. The best part is when you have enough for yourself, you can help others. Whatever your reason is to start a blog, feel happy about it, Believe in your capabilities, and stay motivated. 

Type of blogs that make money

1. How to make money niche

How to make money niche is a popular as well as lucrative niche. Everybody is looking to create wealth. So if you can teach somebody how to create wealth, people will be ready to follow you and buy the recommended products. Ultimately, you will make money.

This is my favorite too. I love reading blogs that teach me how to make money from home or online. The reason is that most of us are always willing to spend money on courses or products that help us to scale. It is called investment. Due to this mindset, people spend willingly on business-type of products.

There are many sub-niches in this niche. These are how to :

  • Make money online
  • Make money working from home
  • Side hustles to make money
  • Make money blogging

Many successful blogs are from this niche. People pay to learn about how to make money.

Examples in this niche are

  1. Believe in a budget
  2. The Busy Budgeter

2. Health & Fitness Niche

Health and fitness is also a profitable niche which considered to be lucrative. There are many sub-niches included in this one. For example, all the blogs about mental health, emotional health, physical health, weight loss, fitness (and many more) come under this niche.

There are many successful blogs in the health and fitness niche.


3. Parenting blogs

If you are a mother, you may know how overwhelming it becomes after having a child. Your body changes, you get stressed out every single sneeze of your child and your mind is always in your little bundle of joy.

Most of us google to find the solution to the problems that come on a day-to-day basis. So here comes the need for parenting blogs that can provide much-needed advice. For example, I have a very fussy eater, and I always search for ideas to get my daughter to eat veggies.

There are many sub-niches like

  • Postpartum problems
  • Baby gear
  • Breastfeeding and many more

Successful blogs in this niche are

  1. Mommyonpurpose by Carly Campbell

4. Personal Development

This is also a huge niche. Also, monetizing this niche will be difficult if you do not target a specific problem.

For example, many people including me procrastinate a lot. To tame this habit, I have to continuously work on my habit.

If you can teach anybody how to control this habit, you can write about this. Another example is speaking. Speaking before a huge audience is difficult and most of us cannot talk before many people.

There are many problems that can be addressed in a personal development blog.

  • In this blog, Leo Babauta’s writing habits and minimalism.
  • This blog is written by Steve “S.J.” Scott. He shares ideas and strategies to develop good habits in life.

5. Travel

This list will be incomplete without the mention of travel niche. The travel niche is exciting, but it is highly competitive. If you can tell your unique travel story, then you can make it successful.

It will be easy to monetize this niche with affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Successful blogs in this niche are

  • This blog is written by Matt Kyhnn, who has expertise in Newzealand travel.
  • Kate McCulley is the blogger behind this blog who shares tips for females who want to travel solo.
  • This is another blog dedicated to solo female traveling and earning money along the way.

6. Organizing Niche

If you are an organizing freak and always find new ways to organize your work schedule as well as your home, you can be successful in this niche. Some people are organized by nature, but some like me need a lot of planning and determination to stay organized.

I can say from personal experience that planning ahead and then organizing everything makes you more productive and makes your life easier.

Successful blogs in this niche are

7. Home Decor

Do you always find new ways to decorate your home? Or always look for inspiration by looking at beautiful home decor pics? If this is the case, you might have picked some great ideas for decorating your home.

Successful blogs in this niche are

SELF-HOSTED BLOG is not very expensive. You can start a blog with less money than you will spend on a dress. In addition, you can create a self-hosted blog at a significantly less price on this hosting platform.

Let us start a self-hosted blog

Before you start a hosting plan, start with registering your domain name. You can create with a name that is easily memorable or use your own name. It depends on brainstorming the domain name you want for your blog and registering your blog name. 

After registering your blog name, you are ready to start your very own self-hosted blog. 

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  • Top-notch customer service which you may need if you get stuck somewhere

Do you still have these types of questions in your mind

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There are some myths that I want to burst

1. English is not my first Language

There are many bloggers who say that English is not their first language. I know it sometimes becomes challenging to make a sentence because we think in our own language. Then our mind processes it in English.

Still, with hard work and persistence, you can overcome all the hurdles.

2. I am not a technical Person

Don’t get discouraged because you are not a technical person. There are many bloggers like me, who are not technical people but still that are thriving. The only thing you need is to be able to solve a problem which your readers are facing.

Also, you don’t need a lot of money to start a blog, a blog can be created for under $100, including a hosting plan and a few other things. Initially, you can keep your spending under control by doing most of the tasks yourself.

3. There are already tons of blogs

We all know, that there are a lot of blogs on every topic but still people are creating blogs. There is always room for saying things differently. For example, movies have been made for so many years.

We have comedy movies, thrillers, romcoms and still, new movies are the way the story is told that matters. The same is true for any blog.

Know the concept of WHY and HOW.

You will agree with me on this one that once you have a clear WHY about your goals, how you will proceed to accomplish them becomes easy. 

Make your why clear about why you want to start a blog. Write down 3-5 reasons to start a blog. It could be anything like

  1. You want to start it as a hobby ( because you love writing)
  2. You solved some problem in your life and now you want to help others solve the same problem
  3. You want to start making some money online
  4. You may want to build an online business to quit your 9-5

If you are thinking of starting a blog, don’t overthink, start it now.

types of blogs that make money even now

Sources you will need to start a blog

Hosting Plan: You will need to sign up with a self-hosted plan for your blog. Sign up here with Bluehost. You can start a blog with under 100 dollars.

Sign up with Bluehost and get your blog running

To increase blog traffic: Initially, you can start getting traffic from Pinterest. To create an optimized Pinterest account from day one, you can learn from the following courses

Pinterest Ninja Course: This s the one curse you will need to build your Pinterest account and get running. Megan from lovefamilyhealth teaches all the basic steps as well as how to grow your and her course. This course is a combination of videos and text.

Check yourself how this course can help you in building your Pinterest Presence.

Manual pinning simplified: Manual pinning is good when starting as you will not be ready to spend a lot of money on blogging. Schedulers can feel expensive in the beginning.

Check out this ebook by Dish it out social
Hope this post will motivate you to start your own blog. Start today and reap the benefits in the coming years.

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