Are you tired of constantly shelling out money for makeup products that you’re not even sure you’ll like? Do you want to try out new products without breaking the bank? Luckily, there are sneaky ways to get free makeup samples and save money.

One way to score free makeup samples is by signing up for beauty subscription boxes. These boxes typically cost a monthly fee, but they often include samples of high-end makeup brands that would cost much more if purchased separately. Additionally, some brands offer free samples when you purchase on their website, so watch for those promotions. Another way to get free makeup samples is by attending beauty events or visiting makeup counters at department stores.

ways to get free make up samples

Often, beauty brands will give out free samples as a way to promote their products and attract new customers. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can try out new products for free and potentially discover your new favorite makeup item.

Ways to Get Free Makeup Samples

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you know that makeup samples can be a lifesaver. They are a great way to try out new products without committing to a full-size purchase.

But did you know that you can get free makeup samples without spending a dime? Here are some sneaky ways to get free makeup samples and save money.

1. Sign up for email newsletters

Many makeup brands offer free samples to their email subscribers. By signing up for their email newsletters, you’ll receive notifications about new products, sales, and promotions.

Sometimes, they’ll even offer free samples as a thank-you for signing up.

Many legitimate websites give you gift cards for online tasks. Swagbucks is my favorite to earn the points and convert them into Sephora gift cards worth $50.

If you are looking to make some quick ways to collect points for money, check these sites to start:

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Swagbucks: Swagbucks is one of the oldest sites where you can earn points and get paid for doing surveys, shopping, and watching videos. The minimum threshold is $5 to redeem the points.

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2. Follow makeup brands on social media

Makeup brands often post about their new products and promotions on social media.

By following them on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you’ll be the first to know about any free sample giveaways or promotions.

3. Visit makeup counters

Makeup counters at department stores and beauty retailers often offer free samples to customers.

If you’re interested in a particular product, ask the sales associate if they have any samples available. They may be more than happy to give you a sample to try before you buy.

4. Attend makeup events

Makeup events like beauty conventions and product launches are great places to get free makeup samples. Brands often give out samples to attendees as a way to promote their products.

5. Join product testing panels

Many makeup brands have product testing panels where they send out free samples in exchange for feedback. By joining these panels, you can get free samples of new products before they hit the shelves.

Online Survey Sites

Online survey sites can be a great option if you’re looking for free makeup samples. Many cosmetic companies partner with survey sites to gather consumer product feedback. In exchange for your opinions, they may offer you free makeup samples.

You must sign up for a few survey sites to get started. Here are some popular options:

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, and more. You can redeem your rewards for gift cards to popular retailers, including Sephora and Ulta.

Sign up for Swagbucks here and get your $10 sign-up bonus.

7. Pinecone Research

You can start doing surveys and redeem them for gift cards and cash to earn points.

In addition to surveys, Pinecone offers product testing opportunities. You may be able to try out new makeup products and provide feedback.

Sign up with Pinecone research here and start earning money.

8. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars pays you for taking surveys, reading emails, and more. You can cash out your earnings for gift cards to retailers like Walmart and Target.

Sign up for Inbox dollars here today and get your $5 bonus for just signing up. You can start collecting your points today and redeem them for your free makeup samples.

When you sign up for survey sites, make sure to fill out your profile completely. This will help ensure that you receive surveys that are relevant to you.

Pro Tip: Be honest in your responses, as companies may disqualify you from future surveys if they suspect you’re not being truthful.

How to Get Free Samples from Sephora Online

If you want to save money on makeup, getting free samples from Sephora can be a great way to try out new products without spending a dime. Here are a few tips for getting free samples from Sephora online:

9. Ways to get Beauty samples from Sephora

  1. Sign up for the Sephora Beauty Insider program. This loyalty program offers a variety of perks, including free samples with every purchase. You’ll also earn points for every dollar you spend, which you can redeem for even more free products.
  2. Check out the Sephora offers page. Sephora regularly offers free samples and gifts with purchases on this page. You can also find promo codes for free samples on this page that you can redeem with online orders.
  3. Follow Sephora on social media. Sephora often posts about free samples and promotions on their social media accounts, so make sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  4. Add samples to your online cart. When you’re shopping online at Sephora, you can add up to three free samples to your cart with every order. Just look for the “Choose Your Free Sample” section at checkout.
  5. Ask for samples in-store. If you have a Sephora store near you, you can always ask a sales associate for samples of products you’re interested in trying. They’ll be happy to help you out.

By following these tips, you can get your hands on free samples from Sephora and save money on your makeup routine.

Become a Makeup and Beauty Product Tester

One of the best ways to get free makeup samples is by becoming a makeup and beauty product tester. Many beauty companies always look for people to test their products before they hit the market. This is where you come in.

10. Websites for beauty product testers

To become a makeup and beauty product tester, you must sign up with the companies offering this service. Some of the popular ones include:

Once you sign up, you will be asked to fill out a profile with your beauty interests, skin type, and other relevant information. T

The companies will send you free makeup samples based on your profile to test and review.

The best part about being a makeup and beauty product tester is that you get to keep the products you test.

This means you can save money on your beauty products while trying out new products for free.

To increase your chances of getting more free makeup samples, make sure you complete the surveys and provide honest feedback on the products you test.

This will show the companies that you are a reliable tester, and they will be more likely to send you more products to test in the future.

Online Retailers to get free makeup samples

If you want to get free makeup samples, online retailers are a great place to start. Here are some ways to get free samples from online retailers:

11. Sign Up for Newsletters

Many online retailers offer free makeup samples when you sign up for their newsletters.

This is a great way to stay up-to-date on new products and promotions and get free samples.

Make sure to check your email regularly and act quickly when you see a free sample offer.

12. Online Giveaways

Online giveaways are another great way to get free makeup samples. Many retailers host giveaways on their social media pages or websites; you only need to enter your information for a chance to win.

Keep an eye out for these giveaways and enter as many as possible to increase your chances of winning.

13. Product Review Sites

Product review sites are a great way to get free makeup samples in exchange for your honest opinion.

Many online retailers offer free samples to customers who are willing to write a review of their products. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and only sign up for reputable and trustworthy sites.

In-Store Methods

When it comes to getting free makeup samples, in-store methods can be a great option. Here are some ways to get free makeup samples while shopping in-store:

14. Ask for Samples

One of the easiest ways to get free makeup samples is simply by asking for them. Many makeup stores and counters will give out free samples of their products upon request.

Don’t be afraid to ask the sales associates if they have any samples available.

You may be surprised at how many samples you can get just by asking.

15. Attend Product Launch Events

Another way to get free makeup samples is by attending product launch events.

Many makeup brands will hold events to promote their new products, often giving out samples to attendees.

Watch for these events, and make sure to RSVP in advance to secure your spot.

16. Loyalty Programs

Many makeup stores and brands have loyalty programs that offer members free samples, discounts, and other perks.

Make sure to sign up for these programs and take advantage of any free samples or discounts that are offered.

Remember that some loyalty programs may require you to purchase to receive free samples.

Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for a steady stream of free makeup samples, subscription boxes are a great option.

These services deliver a box of beauty products to your door monthly for a fee, but many offer free trial boxes and referral programs that can help you save money.

17. Free Trial Boxes

Most subscription box services offer a free trial box to new customers. These boxes typically contain a few sample-sized products and are a great way to try out the service without committing to a full subscription.

Some services require you to pay for shipping, but others offer free shipping as well.

Here are a few subscription box services that offer free trial boxes:

ServiceFree Trial Box Offer
BirchboxFirst box for $1
IpsyFirst Glam Bag for free
Sephora PlayNo free trial box, but it offers a monthly subscription box for $10
Allure Beauty BoxFirst box for $23

18. Beauty Events and Expos

Attending beauty events and expos is a great way to get free makeup samples and save money.

These events are usually held by beauty brands and retailers and offer a chance to try out new products and get free samples.

At these events, you can learn about the latest beauty trends, get expert makeup tips, and even get free makeovers. You can also take advantage of special deals and discounts on products.

To find beauty events and expos near you, check out the websites of your favorite beauty brands and retailers. You can also search online for local beauty events and expos.

When you attend these events, make sure to bring a tote bag to collect your free samples and any products you purchase.

Be sure also to bring your makeup brushes and applicators, as these may not be provided at the event.

Contacting Brands Directly

If you’re a fan of a particular makeup brand, consider reaching out to them directly to request free samples. Many companies offer samples as a way to promote their products and gain new customers. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Find the brand’s contact information: Look for the brand’s website or social media pages to find their contact information. You can also try searching for their customer service email or phone number.
  2. Write a polite email: When contacting the brand, be sure to introduce yourself and express your interest in their products. Politely ask if they offer any samples or if they have any upcoming promotions.
  3. Be specific: If there’s a particular product you’re interested in trying, be sure to mention it in your email. This will show the brand that you’re genuinely interested in their products.
  4. Follow-up: If you don’t hear back from the brand within a week or two, consider sending a follow-up email. Remember that brands receive many requests for free samples, so your email may have been overlooked.
ways to get free samples

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free makeup samples without making a purchase?

There are a few ways to get free makeup samples without purchasing.

One way is to sign up for beauty rewards programs, like Sephora’s Beauty Insider program or Ulta’s Ultimate Rewards program. These programs often offer free samples and other perks to members.

Another way is to attend beauty events or workshops, where brands may give out free samples.

You can also follow beauty influencers on social media, as they often receive free samples to review and may host giveaways.

What are some legit websites that offer free makeup samples?

Some legit websites that offer free makeup samples include Sephora, Ulta, MAC Cosmetics, and L’Oreal Paris. For free sample offers, you can also check out websites like FreebieShark, SampleSource, and PINCHme.

Are there any subscription boxes that offer free makeup samples?

Yes, there are subscription boxes that offer free makeup samples. Birchbox and Ipsy are two popular beauty subscription boxes that offer a mix of sample and full-size products each month for a fee.

However, some subscription boxes may offer a free trial or first-month discount, including free makeup samples.

How can I get free makeup samples from Ulta?

To get free makeup samples from Ulta, you can sign up for their Ultamate Rewards program.

Members receive free samples and other perks, like birthday gifts and exclusive discounts. You can also check Ulta’s website or social media pages for sample offers and promotions.

Does Sephora give out free samples in-store?

Yes, Sephora gives out free samples in-store. You can ask a beauty advisor for a sample of a product you’re interested in trying before making a purchase. Sephora also offers free samples with online orders and through their Beauty Insider program.

What is the best way to ask for free makeup samples at Sephora?

The best way to ask for free makeup samples at Sephora is to approach a beauty advisor and express your interest in trying a specific product.

Be polite and respectful; the beauty advisor will likely gladly provide you with a sample. You can also ask if any current sample offers or promotions are available.

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