Ways to save money on a tight budget during a crisis

We never thought that life would change like this. We were living an everyday life, and this pandemic happened and wrecked our finances. This is a lesson to learn that anything may happen. So it is in our best interests to be ready financially. And we are not sure when this will be over. The […]

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20 productive habits of rich people to follow

All successful and wealthy people are not rich because of luck or destiny. They reached this position through hard and focused work. They have certain habits which they practice daily to reach the top of whatever they do. Here are some of the productive habits of wealthy people we can follow to succeed. If we […]

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How to stop spending money you don’t have

This is so confusing, I mean you may ask how on the earth could I spend money I don’t have? It is possible to spend even the money you don’t have. The biggest and easiest example is credit cards and loans. Loans or the borrowed money dig very deep holes in your pocket and make […]

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