Start loving your self with the start of each morning

Start loving your self
love your self

Mornings are great to set the tone of your entire day.Why not start with pampering your own body and soul.Make your morning beautiful with exercise and beautiful thoughts. Exercise is for your body and thoughts for your mind and soul.When you love your self you feel more confident.It is kind of healthy love relationship with your self.It is a respect for what you have and who you are.This kind of love is not attached with any strings.It is a stating point for any healthy relation ship.Also a precursor to robust self confidence and self esteem.

How can we love somebody else if we don’t love ourselves?

  1. Love your body with healthy food

Start paying attention towards your food.Think about the kind of food you gulp down.Is it nutritious or not.?Ask your self.Don’t eat only for taste.Eat for a healthy body.Eat for nutrition.This is the first step towards falling in love with your self.It is important.

Our bodies stay with us till we are alive.We need it.It should be healthy.A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.Yes this is true.Also it would be a good feeling when we have a good digestive system.All body parts are interrelated.You feel more confident and have clear brain for creative ideas.

Love for your self start with healthy food
pamper  yourself with healthy food and exercise

      2.Think healthy beautiful thoughts

As food is for physical body. Thoughts are for your mind and soul.Start thinking positive and beautiful thoughts now. Now is the time.Think about your healthy body.Think about your materialistic pleasures and be happy about them.It is fine to be little bit apprehensive about your future.But think about your present and be happy about it.

Let the beautiful thoughts engulf you mind and soul.Most of us can fulfill our basic needs.We could be thankful about these.You don’t need to have big bank balance to be happy and have beautiful thoughts.It is just a change in perception.You start loving your self more with beautiful thoughts.

       3.Stop worrying about what others think

If you want to be your best friend,stop thinking about what others say about you.It is good to have good friends who could genuinely tell us about our shortcomings.And this should be in a healthy way.But paying attention towards everything what others say is detrimental.Loving your self is more important than anything else.

Your own opinion about your self is more important.Try to implement this.When others say something bad about you.Don’t pay attention.Instead sit and write down your qualities which you love about your self.Sometimes people say bad things about you under their own frustrations.There is nothing wrong with you.Don’t make opinion about your self on their thoughts.

       4.Forgive your self

This is an important step in making a beautiful relationship with who you are.Sometimes even a small conflict stay in our minds. We go on  and on thinking about that.This stirs our souls.The time is spent on the thoughts which are not in favor of our health and success.Instead we make some kind of negative image of our own self.

It is better to forgive your self.And learn from every mistake.Tell your self that you will not make same mistake again.Forgiveness takes that heaviness of regret away.Mind and soul feels lighter and you go A STEP CLOSER TO YOU.

    5. Know your capabilities to love your self

It is said that we know more about the world than our own selves.In today’s world of so many distractions, it is easy to forget who you are.You forget your capabilities and qualities.It is necessary to turn off the distractions and come back to your self.Think about the capabilities and write them down.

Cursing our selves for what we don’t have becomes a habit.Thinking about what we want becomes important.But for getting those things you want ,you need to be aware of your present.What you can do today with what you have?You start loving yourself more when you know that you are a full package of qualities and capabilities.

    6.Embrace your virtues and imperfections

Nobody is perfect.Perfection is not the word of nature.We all are born with qualities good and not so good.Instead of thinking about not so good, pay attention towards good things about you.This will bring a sense of happiness.Gradually you will start paying respect and love to yourself.

If you want to hone some skills just hone them.You can make improvements in everything.Because even perfect things can be improved.

Stay away from negative people to love your self

     7.Think better about your self

Yes having good thoughts in general about you are important for having a beautiful relationship with your self.Even if bad thoughts comes to your mind, replace immediately with better thoughts.This will change your thought process.Anything done intentionally for sometime becomes a habit.

It becomes easy once you get the habit of this.You feel happy and content when you think good thoughts.

     8.Stay away from negative people

Initially it is important to stay away from very negative people.Once you have yourself on track you can help them.Being in the society of negative people makes you more negative. You only think about your negatives.But for loving yourself it is important to have a good acceptable environment in your thoughts.

    9.Appreciate yourself on accomplishments

Yes I know you know this.But most of the time we neglect these simple gestures.Reward yourself whenever you accomplish something.When you find that you have accomplish a goal,a sense of importance comes in your mind.Your self becomes important to you.

You get to know your worth.This is a stepping stone in starting a beautiful relationship with your own capabilities.


We feel helpless when we are not happy with our self.It is important to find time to love your self in any case.Loving your own body,mind and soul is the most beautiful pleasure of the world .It makes life happy and brings success.

If you use some other ways in loving yourself please comment. I will be more than happy to learn new techniques.