Yes true. We need Self-love to be successful. We are all children of God or some supreme power. We are all born with some qualities to make an impact on the world. Some of us use their qualities and some don’t. Realizing your qualities start from loving yourself for what you have and who you are.

How to practice self-love

Self-love is a respectful love for your body, your virtues or whoever you are and whatever you have. Also, this is the love for the good and not so good things about you.

All other things are temporary or not in your own hands. But your mind, body and the qualities you have, are your own. You can count on them. If you want you can polish them to any level. Success comes from knowing your skills and utilising them to accomplish your dreams.

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How self-love makes you successful

Self-love helps you by eliminating destructive thoughts and attitudes. It helps you in having a better sense of how you want to treat your self and want to be treated by others.

Moreover, loving your self changes your perception of things happening around you. You become a better person and develop good qualities like,

Stop being jealous of people around you

Everybody’s definition of success is different. If I am successful at one thing, you may be successful at something else. When you take care of yourself, you get to know how to set standards for your success. It depends on your capabilities. And you stop being jealous of people around you.

Everybody cannot be a singer, actor, doctor or pilot. But there is something in everybody to be successful. Loving yourself helps in structuring your qualities according to the needs of your dreams and goals. These dreams and goals take you on the path of success.

The mind feels clutter-free

This is one more benefit of self-love. What others say doesn’t impact you that much. And your mind is free to concentrate on more important tasks of life. You enjoy being you. I had this habit of feeling always sad because of what others said about me.

I am a short person. And also not very good at styling, fashion and makeup. In simple language not very good looking. This was what I was being told. I use to feel very sad and why I am not so beautiful.

But now I am a totally changed person. I am happy with who I am and whatever I have. I can concentrate more on important tasks instead of dreaming about the beauty aspects which I don’t have.

Its good to be beautiful. Better if you want to groom yourself. That’s perfectly fine. I just wanted to tell about myself that I am not good at that.

Depression goes away with self-love

Love is kind and tender. When you practice self-love, you are stress-free. If you are depressed you are unable to take the path of success. Because you are so engrossed in the negativity that you forget what are your strengths. You see the blank future. Nothing seems to be inspiring.

I myself was in the same boat. But believe me, things changed as I changed the track of my thoughts. I started feeling happier. And now I am able to concentrate on the things which have a positive impact on life. These are required for a happy and successful life.

Self-love helps control depression and show you the bright side of things.

You don’t have to please everybody

This is what you will learn from self-love. Saying yes and trying to please everybody, waste a lot of energy. This lets you forget about your self and what you want from life. It is important to have a clear line between how much you should do to make others happy.

Sometimes it becomes important to think about your own happiness and your goals before anything else. Your priorities change when you know that your own self requires as much love as you want to give.

And these changes bring success by changing the track of actions you will take to accomplish the dreams.

Easily resolve conflicts without ego

Self-love teaches you to resolve conflicts without ego. You are more comfortable in saying sorry. It makes our souls light. Have you ever thought about how you feel after a conflict with somebody?

Remember how those dialogues surf your mind again and again. So what happens? The mind which should be thinking creatively to solve some problem is busy in thinking about the conflicts.

The best option is to resolve them. It is easy to resolve internal conflicts for a person who practices self-love. With clear thoughts, your mind and soul are free to focus on constructive things.

How to practice self-love

Don’t compare yourself with others

We are all born with unique skill and qualities. No two persons can be compared in terms of skills, expertise beauty. If you are into a habit of comparing yourself to others, stop and think yourself to be a unique human being with abundant qualities.

Be grateful for whatever you have and don’t compare yourself with anyone. We all do it at one point or another but it is best to be aware of your own capabilities.

Make loving yourself your top priority

Loving your self means taking care of your body, your thoughts, your health and your actions. When you love yourself, you start enjoying your own company. It means you can spend a lot of time introspecting on whatever you have and what you want.

You feel comfortable sitting alone doing nothing. You stop worrying about loneliness and you don’t want anybody’s approval to do the things you want.

One of the perks of self-love is that don’t have to make everybody happy. Your mind is free to concentrate on those thongs which are important for your success. You will be able to align your thoughts with your chosen path for success and your dreams. This will be the most important lesson of your life.

Forgive yourself

We have a habit of thinking about our mistakes and what others said to us. Mistakes are just experiences, they don’t make us. Learn to forgive and move forward.

Practice self-care rituals

Self-care is important, it helps you to connect to your self. If you put on lotion or moisturiser always in a hurry, take time to pamper your hands and feet. Feel the softness of lotion on your body.

Look at yourself in the mirror and feel great about your face and skin while moisturising it. Go for a face mask and let your skin breathe. You can have your own self-care rituals.

Take a walk

Take a walk without using a phone or any other gadget. Be with yourself. Enjoy the breeze touching on your face.


Exercise is the best thing you can do to practice self-love. Exercise changes your body externally as well as internally.

Start journaling

Journaling helps in self-awareness. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. But it is a great way to reconnect to yourself.

Praise yourself

Complement yourself. Be generous enough to give good complements to yourself like you would praise your friend.

Sleep well

It is said that you need to sleep for 7-8 hours to feel energised and happy. If you cannot sleep for this amount, you feel sluggish and less effective at work.

Try to sleep for 7-8 hours. People who sleep for less than this complain of decreased productivity. Also, sleeping early will let you have quality sleep. If you are a night owl, try to sleep a few minutes from yesterday and gradually build this habit of sleeping early. Sleeping early will help you wake up early and fully energised.


If you have a habit of keeping grudged and never forgive, this is the time to stop that. If you are stubborn and it is difficult to let go of a grudge, think that the anger and negativity hurt you more than anyone else.

Try to get out of that for your own sake. Keeping grudges can affect the positivity in your life

Stop negative self-talk

This is an important part of loving your self. If your self-talk is negative, you cannot expect positivity to come into your life. Whenever you get to know that you are talking to yourself negatively, change it with something good and positive.

Quite that chatter and you will know how much stress you have relieved. Meditation and mindfulness can help you a lot on this. When you become aware of what you are thinking and saying to yourself and the effects you can have with these thoughts, you will definitely want to divert your self-talk.

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How to practice self-love


  • Start loving your self. This the most important gift for the new year.
  • This will benefit you in your present and future.
  • Love your self for a happy and successful life.

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