Positive habits are required to live life fully

11 Positive habits that will improve your life

A positive life is what we need to have a great time on this earth. Having positive habits is not rocket science, it is how we bring change in ourselves daily. But normal humans like me are far from these positive habits. We like to snuggle into the blanket in the mornings.

I need a cup of tea, specially prepared by myself, before anything. I have to really force myself to drink water before that. And my excuse is that I drink water the whole night. Yes, that’s true.

Exercise is another boring thing which I have to do in the morning. I can think of 100 excuses not to do exercise. Waking up early is not a big deal but with a baby, it is impossible to wake up early because as soon as I wake up, she is ready to get up.

Hold on hold on, my life is a mish-mash of positive and negative habits. But I have managed a few of these. Which is really changing the quality of my emotional as well as physical wellbeing.

1.Positive outlook

A positive outlook is the most important thing in life to be happy. It helps in living life with purpose. As humans, our brains are wired to think about a lot of things.

We fret over little things and also about the situations which are either not in our control or they don’t come in our lives. We tend to make a cocoon around every single thought. Negative thoughts are more prone to become a cocoon.

Now what I do is whenever something negative comes into my mind and start bothering me,  I just shrug it off and think, why to waste this moment, I will face it when it will come. Rather think how beautiful the present moment is.

If we think about how beautiful life is, life will reward us with more beautiful moments.

Positive habits are required for a positive and happy life. Little changes in improving our lives make life a success. Also positive life gives motivation to live life fully and happily.t

2. Stop getting angry

Anger is an emotion which comes in the form of energy. You get angry at the situations where you feel frustrated. You can become angry with the person from whom you have some kind of expectation and that particular person doesn’t act according to you.

There may be more instances where you can become angry but if you want to live a happy life, stop getting angry for little things. Even if you feel angry, learn to forgive the other person as well as yourself. It is easier said than done. But whenever I meet somebody who is calm and doesn’t get angry over little things, I really ask them, how they do it.

And one of my friends always says why to pay attention to all these things. Unless and until you have very big issues, don’t think too much about it. Just let it go. I also try these and believe me, it has made a drastic change in the quality of life.

3. Don’t worry about  what others think

Everybody in this world is so busy, that nobody has any time for others. So why you should think about what others will think about you.

Do what you feel is right and will take you to some higher place, professionally, spiritually. Worrying about people will not take you anywhere.

Rather it takes your energy away from the most important task of being happy. Happiness is the state of mind which can be felt with your inner self. And when you are thinking about others, you are taking time off from yourself.

4. Listening to your intuition

In this busy world, who has time to introspect the feeling which we feel inside us. Sit peacefully and listen to your self-talk. Think about what you feel about the tasks you have to accomplish them. If you feel stressed about something, pay attention to what is making you stressed. And if you are having a moment of happiness. what is the cause for that feeling?

Being happy on something from your core means that what you are doing, is aligned to your own philosophy. And if you are feeling bad about something, it means this is not what you actually want to do.

5. Paying gratitude every morning

Paying gratitude for what you have sets the tone for the whole day. When you feel happy about what you have, your brain feels satisfied and your thoughts will be more aligned towards what you want. In our daily lives, we forget what we have and normally we fret over what we don’t have.

When we sit and think about what we have, we feel happy. It changes the way we look at our life. I and my husband moved to Australia five years ago. I felt good at starting, then as time passed I started feeling sad.

I missed my family, my friends. But not any more. Now I always pay gratitude in the morning for what this great place has given us. It has totally changed me.

I have stopped feeling homesick and now think this place to be my home. This is just an example of how looking at the things in a different way makes your life beautiful

6. Start your day with positive affirmations

You feel positive whole day when you start your day with positive affirmations. These are tonic for your otherwise negative thinking mind. Even if you have a habit of finding positive in everything, morning positive affirmations make you more productive as well as happier.

7. Wake up early in the morning

Waking up early has many benefits and one of them is you get enough time to do your tasks. You don’t have to rush to do things. Waking up early energises you for your whole day. Try to reduce the time by 10 minutes and you have made a good change.

8. Having a delicious, nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal which you should never miss. But most of the people don’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning. After dinner, your body has many hours to give rest to your digestive system. Also, it is hungry after dinner. Your metabolism will be better if you have breakfast and you will go for some healthy options.

Have you ever felt like eating anything when you are hungry? To avoid this, go for a  big healthy breakfast.

9. Don’t stress about every little thing

Our brain is always occupied with the thoughts which are sometimes not required. And as you start paying attention to every little thing happening in your life, you start feeling stress for every single thing. Even if you will have nothing to think, your mind will search for something to think about.

Whenever you feel like you are feeling stressed with these little disturbing thoughts, change your thought process towards something inspiring. Gradually your mind will learn to change your thoughts whenever you will have disturbing thoughts.

10. Stop fearing unknown

Most of us feel that fear of unknown. But this fear takes pleasure out from this present moment. Rekindle the confidence inside you which means assuring yourself that everything will be alright and you don’t need to fear those things which are not happening yet.

You will be happier, more productive when you stop feeling the fear of unknown.

11. Let positivity flows in life

Yes, let the positivity flow in your life. Stop being negative. Whenever you will feel negative about anything, replace that feeling with something positive. Positivity is the feeling which we have to bring into life. Feeling positive about everything in life makes life more beautiful.

Little changes daily in lives makes life better.

Cnanging your habits towards positivity helps in making life more beautiful and success comes from all the phases of life. Little changes daily helps in gearing your life towards happiness and success.

These are my thoughts on some of the positive good habits. I am working on all these to improve my quality of life. If you feel like you have some habits which are affecting your life, work on them or talk to some professional.