Organizing your time will help you gain success and eventually bring riches to you.

Time management is life management. Is it correct? I think so. Because we all have limited time to live on this beautiful planet. We have to accomplish whatever we want, in this given time.

Sometimes I think when everybody has the same amount of time, then why the difference between achievements is so huge. It all boils down to time management or organizing your time.

Although, there are many factors that play an important part in your success, managing your time is one of them. And it is the most important one. It really becomes difficult to organize your time if you will not pay attention to it. In this era of so many distractions, time goes in a wink.

Organizing your time will bring success and riches.

“Time is Money”. Benjamin Franklin

‘Organizing your time’ sounds a simple term but it has a deep meaning. It requires determination, discipline, patience and a habit to bring your senses back to work every time you get distracted. Here are some very simple but effective steps to organize time and eventually be successful.


1.Batch your tasks

Instead of doing everything together, it is important to concentrate on one important task, complete it and move on to another. It takes some time to gather all the information in one place by the brain. If you juggle from one task to another, you waste a lot of time. Because the brain takes some time to adjust to a new task.

And as it is obvious, few of the tasks will have most of the effect on your success. Success brings money to you. It is like the 80- 20 rule. According to the Pareto principle, 20% of your tasks have 80% effect on your success. Concentrate on those  20 % tasks but one by one.

2. Choose a few tasks for every day

I had this tendency to write too many tasks to complete in one day. Out of those tasks, I would accomplish few. The unaccomplished ones gave me a kind of discomfort. At the end of the day, I would feel bad about not accomplishing those tasks. Then  I changed my traction of work. And started writing 2 or 3 tasks on my task board. I strictly concentrate on those tasks only. At the end of the day, I feel satisfied and happy.

Experiment it yourself, write down just two tasks in your to-do list and accomplish them. You will be surprised at the satisfaction you will be feeling after that.

3. Remove unwanted tasks from your life

Some of the tasks you don’t need but they take the majority of your time. One of the biggest time wasters nowadays is checking your phone again and again. Think, do you really need to check it again and again. De-cluttering always help in moving forward and having a great successful time. In the absence 0f unwanted tasks, you will be able to concentrate on the most important tasks of life. These important tasks will help you earn more but with less fatigue.

Unwanted tasks are like clutter in your closet. All the clothes you are not wearing takes all the space and you don’t have space to keep your favourite ones. Same way if you are distracted by too many unwanted tasks, you will not be able to concentrate on required ones. See we all have only 24 hours.

“Keep your mind and senses on track till it becomes a habit”

4. Be aware of your time

‘Be aware of the time and beware of time wasters.’¬† Do you like to be always in your dreams? For some time, being in your dreams is perfectly fine. But if you always find yourself in the dreams of your future, stop and analyze your thoughts. There is nothing wrong with it, you need to visualize everything. But going overboard and only visualizing but doing nothing would harm your prospects of success.

“Time is money, wasted time is wasted money.”  Shirley Temple

This quote from Shirley Temple is really an eye-opener. Pick those activities which can help you in growing your wealth so that you can have time to spend with your loved ones or carry out activities which you love.

5. Take action now

The most important time is now.  You will be surprised at the results you get if you take action NOW because this is the moment to start working towards your success. It is the first step which is most crucial. If you can persuade yourself to take action towards the task now, the next step would be much easier.

As humans, we waste most of our time thinking about difficult tasks. The easiest way is, just do it. There is no other way to tackle difficult tasks.

6. Set goals with purpose

When you know what is the purpose of your current task, you will be obliged to accomplish that. See the end result. When you are setting goals, write down the end result in front of that goal. Goals may be small, but your end result would be your bigger task.

Knowing your big result will help you in focusing on your important task instead of focusing on time wasters.

Organize your time to become successful as well as rich. Time management is life management.

7. Break your tasks into smaller pieces

This is my favourite because if I have to do something which requires a lot of time and energy to complete, I would procrastinate it and pretend to be too busy for the said bigger task. But breaking into smaller parts let me do the important thing and reduce the time-wasting tendency.

Though it happens like you are doing very little actually you are doing what is required and it will let you convert your time into actual money. Because whatever you are doing now will bring success and eventually money to you.

8. Be efficient and effective

As Peter Ducker said, ” Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things.”

It means you are so efficient that you will do everything optimally. All the activities never have a similar effect on the outcome of the task. You have to figure out which ones are most effective for your given task. This will reduce time wasters and will let you concentrate on the most important activities.

It is very important. When you will reduce the unimportant activities, you don’t have to always feel busy. You would find yourself with a lot of time to enjoy your life.

9. Stop being perfect and start working

Sometimes waiting for too long for a perfect time to start work, will let you procrastinate forever. This can be tamed by taking action now. As it is obvious that just learning about anything is not enough.

You will get the required expertise only after getting through it. Same is with any task. As you will go, you will learn better techniques to do it.

It is impossible to become perfect by only learning and not doing anything about it.

10. Use time blocking technique (Promodoro Technique)

This one is the most effective technique to manage your time and be efficient. When you know you have to complete any activity at a particular time, you become more efficient.

As Parkinson’s Law says, Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

When you know you have little time to accomplish it, you will try with all of your strength to complete the task in the given time.

According to the Promodoro technique,  concentrate on work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break as your brain is able to concentrate for a short span of time and then it starts getting lethargic.

You can use the Promodoro Technique or use your own intervals according to your own attention span.

11. Enjoy and celebrate your small achievements

Now, you have managed to do a lot of tasks and going on the path of success, you need to celebrate your achievements. Attach your achievements with healthy and enjoyable activities. I am saying healthy and I mean it. Write down your activities in front of your tasks.

Organizing your time and life is important for success and eventually for getting money in life.

These are my thoughts on organizing time. What do you think about time and money? Please comment and let me know your thoughts. If you like the post, please share it. I would be very thankful for this.

Organizing your time will bring you riches as you will start focusing on what is important.