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Setting SMART goals help to beat procrastination and make your focus clear for success.

Set SMART goals help to beat procrastination

SMART goals help to beat procrastination. As humans, we live on this beautiful planet to achieve something. Our lives are bound to some objectives and goals. Without any specific goals, our life becomes like a leaf in the strong wind. This leaf is without any goal. It flows with the wind. If we will not have any goals, we will flow like that leaf. As humans we need to set smart goals. What are smart goals?

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

Albert Einstein

S.M.A.R.T goals  let us focus on what you can do effectively.

S..M.A.R.T goals are

S                 Specific

M               Measurable

A                Achievable

R               Reliable

T               Time bound

Goals should be specific.

Everybody see their future in a certain way. For example, if you want to start your own business. This is your bigger project of life. You should know why you want to become self employed. This is a vague goal. You could be a business owner who works online from home . Or you could be a coach who uses  skills to coach others. A brick and mortar store can also make you a business owner. These are vague goals. Now the goal is to be very specific about it.

Be very sure of what you want to become. Make it as specific as you can. Write down on paper about what you think you want to become.

You must indicate why you want to accomplish certain goals. Specific goals excite you and motivate you to work towards your future. You can define your future when you know your specific goals.

How to write measurable goals

Measurable goals have a metric to measure them. A bigger goal can take a long time to attain. In the mean time you need   to set smaller goals. There must be milestones you need to achieve to accomplish your bigger project of life. These goals with the outcome  are measurable ones.

For example, your goal is to become an entrepreneur. It means you want to own a business. It is a goal but a vague goal. When you will start exploring the endless opportunities, you will come across so many things and eventually, you will be able to figure out what kind of entrepreneur you want to become. You will start setting smaller time bound goals which will seems measurable. Taking action for these measurable goals would be easy as compared to take action for becoming an entrepreneur.

Goals should be achievable

When you have a bigger task to complete, it could feel difficult to accomplish. You will feel overwhelmed when you think about that bigger goal. Break those into smaller goals. These smaller goals will be achievable goals. Start with the first step. Accomplish it. Reward yourself and you will be motivated to take next step. Achievable goals take the overwhelm out of your mind and replace it with enthusiasm to accomplish goals.

Say if you have no bank balance and having a million dollars next month will be an impossible task, unless you hit a jackpot. But starting with saving 100 dollars a month will be an achievable goal.

Relevant goals

Your goals should be relevant to your bigger goal. It means, the actual focus should be on the big picture and smaller goals should make sense in the context of bigger project. Relevant goals will make your  focus clear and will take you closer to success.

Time bound

Time bound goals are easy to achieve because you will feel an urgency to complete those goals. Without deadlines, you will have all the time to accomplish the said goal and it would take ever to accomplish. As it is said that work expands to the time it gets. Same is with the goals. Block time for the goals.

Work on your tasks everyday.

How to set S.M.A.R.T goals for your self

Sit quietly with paper and pen. Giving a physical body to your thoughts is very important in terms of goals. Strat with whatever you have in mind. Just jot down everything you are thinking about. Here you will be able to focus what you  exactly want to do. Write down all the details you have in your mind.

What you want to achieve ( the bigger picture)

Why you want this              (Clarity)

Who you will need              ( Any help you will need )

How you will do it              ( Resources you will need)

Example to set S.M.A.R.T goals for online business

Specific goal:  Here your specific goal would be to start an online business where you want to sell baby clothes. This is bigger picture. Before this, you will need so many things  but atleast you have a clear idea what kind of business you want.

Measurable goal : Now you will need to make this goal measurable by creating a plan for how much you want to spend on this. How much you need to earn from  this. And what kind of resources you will need to make your online store a reality. You will need an eCommerce website, some plugins and a web developer to design a working website. Likewise, you will need  some products to sell. Before selling you have to make clear what kind of products you want to sell.

Achievable goals: Goals should be in your your reach. Now you have figured out all the resources you need to accomplish your bigger picture. Write down your milestones in terms of your revenue and the steps you will need to complete the given task.

Relevance: Your focus should be on the goals which are relevant to your bigger project.

  • From where you will buy your inventory
  • Time You will it take to reach at your goal
  • How many units you want to sell each month to make profits
  • How much you will spend on your business

These are some examples. You will have many goals relevant to your bigger goal.

Time bound: Write down when you want to publish your eCommerce website or online store. At what time you want to have start earning profits and how much you want to earn in your first month. It will depend on calculating how many units you need to sell to make a profit. Setting small time bound goals will let you build your business with a clarity.


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Ideas to set SMART goals to beat procrastination and take action for accomplishing your dreams and goals to be successful


Setting smart goals will encourage you to take action and reduce the habit of procrastination. These goals take you on the path of success in your life.


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