There are some business ideas you can start with a low budget. You don’t need tons of money to start your own business. These businesses can be started with less money but require a huge investment of time. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time to succeed in these startups.

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A solid marketing plan and a  strong desire to succeed will eventually bring success.

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Home business ideas you can start with low budget

Here are these 18 business ideas you can start with low budget

1. Proofreading

If you have good skills to pick errors and you are good at grammar, you can start proofreading business from home. You need to have an eye to pick small errors.

If this sounds interesting and you want to start a side business, you can learn to proofread from Proofread Anywhere course. General proofreading: Theory and practice course from Proofread Anywhere is a comprehensive course to learn how to proofread.


  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to stay focused throughout a document
  • A computer/ tablet

2. Transcriptionist

TranscrbeAnywhere is the course where you can learn how to transcribe and earn money from home. Many businesses, doctors, lawyers need transcription services. Once you have learned the skills, you can start working as transcriptionist.


  • Transcription software
  • USB headset, foot pedal
  • Time tracking software
  • Industry-specific dictionary
  • Text expander, file converter
  • Grammar and spelling checker

3. Online writing services

Whenever we talk about starting some work with a very low budget, online writing services come to mind immediately. For this, you don’t need a ton of experience but you should love writing. The internet has made freelance writing a lucrative business to start with a low budget.

18 home business ideas you can start with low budget. Side hustle ideas let you make money and work from home.

Start by practising writing yourself and you can hire freelance writers also for this.


  • A computer
  •  A quite space to sit and write
  • Grammar and spelling checker

4. Cleaning business

Cleaning business is easy to start and it makes good money as margins are great. It requires very little funds and the profits depend on you. The amount of work depends on whether you want to earn your full-time income or just a side income.

Decide a working plan for your self and then execute the plan. If you want it to be a side gig, just work with few clients and with basic cleaning services like dusting, vacuuming and mopping. And if you want it to make your full-fledged business, make a plan and go for it.


  • Cleaning products
  • Some cleaning skills
  • Equipment like vacuum cleaner and mop
  • Dusters

5. Tutoring

Tutoring is becoming a very lucrative business in this era of online services. Many companies pay to teach English to kids in non-English speaking countries. Here are the places where you can start working as a Tutor.


  • Proficient in English
  • A Bachelors in English ( or any other subject )
  • A high-speed internet connection and computer

6. Social Media Management

To be a social media manager, you don’t need a degree. You just need to have a basic knowledge of social media platforms and how to run an account. Social media is a form of marketing which is a key component to grow business in this digital world.


  • Knowledge of Social Media Platforms
  • Marketing skills
  • Know how to run an account
  • Be emotionally aware of what you are posting

7. Consulting

If you are expert in a particular skill and can advise someone then you can start a  consulting business. Big brands, as well as individuals who need some direction in any particular area, need consultants.


  • Certification if required for a particular field
  • Networking skills
  • Required skill and qualification in your consulting area

You can learn more about  Management consultant here

8. ebook writer

Writing an ebook is not that hard nowadays. If you have skills to write and want to write a book you can write an Ebook and sell it on Amazon. If your book is about teaching a skill, then you can sell the course on Udemy also.


  • An idea to write an ebook
  • platform to publish

9. Resume writer

You can start Resume Writing Services with very low budget. You need to figure out how you will start it and what kind of Resumes you want to create. Writing Resume does not require you to write a lot of words but needs short crisp and persuasive sentences. It may take some time to polish your skill of writing Resumes that help your client land the perfect job.


  • Certifications required for becoming a professional Resume writer
  • A marketing plan
  • You will need business cards, websites a computer, printer

10. Graphic design

It is easy to start a graphic design business if you have design skills. Graphic designers can start their business and work independently. If you have some creative skills then this could be a good starting point for you to run your own business.


  • A basic graphic design degree
  • IT skills
  • Good communication

11. House painting

I know some people who have made House painting their full-fledged business. You can start it with a very small amount of money. But in some places, a certification is required to become a painter. To get experience, you can start at your own house. Indoor painting requires less equipment.


  • Certification
  • Painting skills
  • Equipment

12. Craft business

A craft business can be for you if you love creating crafty things and if there is a market for these items. There are many areas of crafts

  • Jewellery making, bead crafts
  • Paper-crafts
  • Needlecrafts
  • Home decor crafts and many more


  • Space to create the crafts
  • Marketing plan to sell those crafts

13. Dog training

If you love pets and love to work with them then you can start a dog training business. Pay rate depends on the place where you live and your skills.


  • love for dogs
  • Skills required to train dogs

14. Used books selling

This can be started by stocking books and then selling them. It requires a lot of hard work as you have to look for places where you can find books at a very low price.


  • A website ( you can create for free )
  • stock of books

15. eBay selling

If you have some stuff to sell then eBay is a good place. If you can look for some stuff at the flea market or thrift stores for cheap, you can sell at eBay. After having some money in your hands, find a niche and sell those products.


  • Products to sell

16. Event planner

Event planners make arrangements for big events or meetings for big organisations or individuals. You need to have some experience in this field for growing your business. Some have hospitality degrees and certifications too.


  • A degree in hospitality ( optional)
  • Attention to detail and organisation

17. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is also a lucrative business which you can run without much cost. You need to figure out what you want to dropship and how you can build this business. Here is a very good post about the pros and cons of dropshipping.

18. Pet sitting

Some people love pets. For me, I just love to watch pets but afraid of touching pets. But if you love pets and can spend any amount of time with pets then, pet sitting can be a good business idea for you.


  • Love for pets
18 home business ideas you can start with low budget. Start working at home and make your dream of working for your self a reality.
18 home business ideas to start with very low budget

18 home based business ideas to start with low budget


Home business ideas you can start with low budget but you have to invest lot of time.