We all have limited time on this earth. So why not live it fully? Instead of wasting that time thinking about the future and dwelling on the past, why not enjoy this moment? I know it isn’t easy to bring back every time our mind wanders. It is better to teach our minds to stay in the present. This way, our lives would be more meaningful and happy.

tips to live in your present and enjoy life to be happy

Being present in the moment helps to reduce stress, anxiety and many more illnesses. In addition, it improves memory because your mind is not absent from the present. Here are some tips which will help you with living in the present.


Here are some tips for living in your present and enjoying life

1. Start fresh every day

Every morning brings new hopes and a new day to start fresh. Leave your problems from yesterday. If you can find a solution to them, better; if you can’t, leave them.

These things can be learned gradually. And I understand, that when we are in the midst of a problem, it is difficult to leave it. The issue remains in mind forever.

The only way is to tranquil your mind for a few minutes daily. It will help you in training your mind to stay calm.

2. Stop worrying about future

“I have known many troubles, but most never happened.”  Mark Twain 

This is precisely how our thoughts are. We overthink about future problems which could arise. To think about the future is good but worrying about the issues with a probability to come is detrimental to health. These thoughts are the precursors for more complex problems like chronic stress and anxiety, which leads to more significant health problems.

3. Pay gratitude daily

Gratitude is the power that makes you aware of your blessings.”

Paying gratitude daily helps in living near to yourself. While paying gratefulness, the mind feels happy because you are having thoughts of what you have instead of ideas of what you don’t have. In addition, you get to know what you HAVE, which will diminish the thoughts of what you don’t have.

You become aware of your present situation. Start paying gratitude today, and you will be amazed at the results.

4. Stop living in past

Living in the past and relish the past moments is human nature. Past always feel interesting. The reason is that our minds don’t remember past hardships.

The mind filters all the bad memories or problems and remembers only the good things about the past. This leads always to cherish the past.

There is nothing terrible in thinking about the past, but living in the present is a must for a happy life

5. Remind yourself to be happy

Whenever you feel like your mind has started feeling unhappy, try to bring it back and start feeling happy. It is difficult, especially when you have a lot of problems going on in your life. Even then, set aside some time when you will only think about good things and feel happy. This will help you in learning happiness.

6. Learn forgiveness

Keeping grudges make your mind sluggish. If you always feel yourself engulfed in anger and resentfulness, you will not be able to enjoy your blessings. Forgive others. If you think some relationship is troubling you or making you miserable, it is better to stay away from it.

Don’t just always think about how bad your surroundings are. Instead, try to forgive those who have troubled you in the past and enjoy your NOW.

7. Forgive yourself

Never live in any guilt. It is said that your physical being will start feeling the effect of negativity, and it is better to stay happy and forgive others as well as yourself.

It is difficult to forget if you know that someone has hurt you. But forgiveness is not for somebody else, instead it is something you feel inside to release your self from anger, resentfulness, and the thoughts that make you suffer pain.

Think that forgiving is not for the other person, but it is for your being. Your body and mind improve, and you come closer to your presence because the thoughts of lousy past are not there. Keeping grudges keep you away from your present. It is a never-ending circle.

8. Don’t overthink but find solutions

Sometimes overthinking about problems aggravates them. Instead, find a solution and leave those problems if you cannot find a solution. Thinking and rethinking about them will not do any good.

If your mind is in a state of dilemma,

  • write down the problems
  • Write down  possible solutions
  • Figure out what can be done
  • Start with the simplest strategy

If you cannot find any solution, stop thinking about it. Just forget it ( at-least practice it for some time). Either answer will come to you, or the problem will vanish. I am not talking about actual physical problems. I am talking about the imaginary issues we think may come to us.

9. Remove unwanted possessions

It is human nature to get attached to possessions. Souvenirs, clothes, or items you don’t use but keep for memories are a good space in your mind. It is OK to have a few things, but if you start hoarding these possessions, you will not be able to enjoy your present.

It is better to remove them one by one. You won’t be able to discard them all at once. But doing this gradually will let you stop thinking about those possessions. When you remove those unwanted things from your life, your mind will be clear. Keep your mind as straightforward as possible to live a joyful life.

10. Go out in nature

Always staying under the roof makes your mind sluggish. Go out. Feel the air on your face. Listen to the subtle sound of rustling leaves. Stare happily on swiftly swaying leaves with the breeze.  If it is a rainy day, listen to the sound of falling raindrops. I mean, these are the sweetest sounds of nature.

Feel them and be with your present. You will be surprised how happy you feel.

11. Be aware of your surroundings

Have you noticed what your surroundings look like? If not, go out and have a look around your house. You have beautiful surroundings, people, houses and trees around you. Ffeel them. Say hello to your neighbor. Ask them about their healthy being.

This will be the present moment.

12. Discover your purpose in life

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. “                          Winston S. Churchill

This one is absolute gold. You have to find a purpose to live your life. Without a purpose, your life will be like a leaf in the air. It will go wherever the wind will take it. Having a purpose in life will be like having a weight tied to a leaf. It will go in the direction where you will throw it.

Having a clear purpose will inspire you to feel this very moment.

13. Start meditation daily

Meditation is something your mind and body will thank you for. If you have never practiced meditation, start it now. Your mind will feel happy and relaxed after meditation. If you have never done meditation, read this post.

14. Love your work/job

Oh yes, never complain about what you do; instead, enjoy it. If you can change your career or job, go for it. If you are not in a position to change a job, start loving it. You will not feel miserable. At least this job is helping you pay bills and put food on the table.

Start something new on the side. If you have some hobby, make it your side hustle. Earn something on the side; believe me, you will love your job.

15. Beat procrastination

You may be thinking about how procrastination can affect the present living. For example, if you pay attention to the moment you procrastinate, you may dream about something else most of the time.

It may not be the case every time, but most of the time, it happens this way. So learn to beat procrastination.

16. Declutter everything

Start removing clutter from your working table or your mobile phone. Then go for your desktop cleaning. Gradually start with your room. Having fewer things will require less time and less energy to organize. In the meantime, start decluttering your mind.

One of the most effective ways of decluttering your mind is to write down everything on paper. The reason will feel free when you have dumped your thoughts on paper.

17. Come out of your comfort zone

Come out of your comfort zone and do something you feel is complex. Now the question is, how does coming out of your comfort zone help in living in the present moment? Because when you try something new, you must get fully immersed in that.

Doing repetitive work makes you bored, and your mind starts thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

But trying new things will make your mind attentive. So to try new things, you must pay attention to details and sometimes learn new things.

18. Be conscious of whatever you do

It is being mindful of what you are doing. Paying full attention to the task at hand is the key to being present at the moment. Try to be aware of everything you do,  even household chores.

Enjoy cooking, making tea, Drinking tea, and eating. This will let you feel that time is moving, and you can feel it. A beautiful sense of your present will engulf you.

19. Relish the small joys

As humans, we always wait for something big to happen, bringing happiness. However, it is human nature to forget the small things that please us.

Waiting for immense happiness will not bring you joy; instead, it will make you miserable.

20. Be your best self

Be your best self and make intelligent decisions for yourself. Always focus on what you have and what you can do skillfully. Don’t overthink what you cannot do. Instead, get immersed fully in whatever you do and enjoy the process.

21. listen to your inner self ( intuition )

Your inner self is your best friend. It always tells you what the correct path for you is. Intuition or inner self is a feeble voice that sometimes means you what to do and what is suitable for you, but you go on ignoring that voice. Don’t do that.

Listen to it carefully. Calm down and try to sit with yourself. That will let you feel the inside things.

Tips to live in your present and enjoy life. Living in your present moment is the key to happiness.

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Tips to be mindful to live in your present and enjoy life.