Transcription is a good idea to make money while staying home. Even if you need some extra cash, you can start transcription. You can start at some places without any experience but some companies require you to have some experience to begin  transcription.

21 companies that pay to transcribe from home

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21 best companies that pay to transcribe as beginner

Not very company will hire you so start with the least favourites. First get some experience and then apply with the companies you like. Here are some companies that will let you some practice. You can practice tests here

If you feel like you need some skills to learn before you start transcribing from home, Transcribe anywhere will help you in teaching those skills to earn some income.

Transcription  feels like very easy work but will require some work and experience to get hang of it. Things will become much easy and better after some experience.

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Here the best companies that pay to transcribe

1.Daily Transcription 

You have to clear transcription test before starting transcribing on this site. For finding work, you need to be working on call because this is the way you will get some work. The best part about this site is that  transcription for so many languages is available there on this site.

2. Quicktate

Quicktate provide transcription work even if you are a beginner but you need to pass their test first. Also, they will check your background because of the sensitive nature of some of the files transcribed on this site. You have to pay  $15 for this.

3. Rev

Rev is a legitimate and reputed company for transcription services. They also need you to pass their test before starting out.  Their site says that you can earn around $230 per month and top earners earn around 1400 dollars a month. They pay through paypal.

4. Tigerfish

Tigerfish is also a transcription company which is around for some time and hire beginners for transcription work. Download Tigerfish Transcription style guide and start working with them. This is for only US residents.

5.  Casting words

Here you don’t have to pass any test but you will be having good amount of eork only after you have done some work and graded good. Pay rate depends upon the quality of your work. Some gigs do list average  price but depends on the quality of work.

6. Accutran Global

They need you to have some experience but if you pass their initial test, you may get hired.  This site is for US and Canada residents.

7. Appenscribe

This company provides transcription services in many languages and it is truly international. Their pay rate is like others around $.005 per word on average. They pay every 2 weeks and through Paypal.

8. Transcribe me

They hire beginners and you have to pass a test before getting hired . And if you fail, you have to wait for six months before applying again. They pay average pay rate. And how much you earn depends on your speed.

9. BAM Transcription

This is another company which is around for 20 long years. They are Hollywood based and specialise in transcribing for entertainment services. Send them an email and they will inform you about their selection process. You need to pass a skill test to start working with them.

10. Allegis Transcription

They provide work to beginner but you need to pass the skill test. And you should have a speed of 75 WPM and good grammar. They work for insurance transcription and if you get hired you can have a steady work and income.

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11. Verbal Ink

Verbal ink is for people who have some experience in transcription. This one is having really good reputation and pay well. Send them an email if you want to transcribe with them.

12. 1-888-TYPE-IT-Up

Here you have to pay 10 dollars for applying which is non refundable. This company do their background check but pay better than average pay rate.

13. Ubiqus

Ubiqus provide many types of transcription services like general transcription, legal, medical. They hire people from all nationalities and at all levels.

14. Babble Type

This company hires native English speaking people for transcription. And they pay weekly according to the time spent working.

15. Hollywood Transcription

They hire through an email. If you want to work with them, send them an email. You should have a typing speed of 65 WPM and should have pedal and transcribing software. Though you don’t need to buy until you get hired.

16. GMR Transcription

Their website say that their transciptionists earn between $ 100- 3000, depending on their skill and the amount of work they take. No experience is required but as bilingual, you may expect to make more money.

17. GoTranscript

You need to pass their test before getting hired and if you don’t pass their test in first time, try it in few days. This is a UK based company and pay every Friday through Payoneer and Paypal.

18. Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf hires through Work market. Work market uses recruitment groups to connect you with employers offering freelance works. After setting up your account with work market, you can apply join Crowdsurf to  transcribe and pass assessment test. If you get hired and start working, you get pay at the end of the day.


You have to pass their transcription test before getting hired. You can get different type of documents to transcribe. Payments are paid through Paypal.

20. Speechpad

To work with Speechpad, you need to go through their application process. It is one of the best companies for transcription work. For beginners, they pay around  $0.25 and around $1 for experienced people.

21. Athreon

Athreon provides transcription jobs as diverse as medical,  legal, media and business transcription. They pay according to the lines transcribes and make weekly payments through Paypal.


21 companies that pay to transcribe from home as beginner.

21 best companies to start transcription as a beginner. Earn money online.

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