Time management is such an important thing to do in life as a whole. It is said that

” Time management is life management.”

Sometimes it is fine not to do anything and enjoy your ‘ me time ‘ but if you find your self wasting too much time, then it is really important to start managing your time. Always remember, today will not come again. Every day is a new day. To be successful in life it is really important to start working NOW and manage your time optimally.

How to improve time management skills to accomplish goals.

It is not required to work always but the important thing is to work productively in the given time. Everybody has his/her own style of working. Optimum productive times are also different for different people. Some of us love mornings and others love to work at night. Analyse and see the pattern whether you are using your time efficiently or not.

Benefits of time management

If you learn to manage your time effectively, it will help

  • in increasing productivity
  • Better reputation
  • Better performance in terms of work as well as money

There are many methods which can help you in keeping track of your time and make you more productive.


1. Write down all your tasks

This one is a really important step in managing your time as writing down all the tasks will take all the burden from your brain. Write down all the goals with the time frame in which you want to accomplish them. This will definitely give you a clear picture of your tasks.

2. Classify them according to the Pareto principle ( 80/20 rule )

It is said that 20% of your tasks have 80% effect on the outcome. You need to figure out those 20 % tasks and make them your priority. This will help you to focus on those tasks that are most effective for your goals.

3. Break big chunks of tasks into smaller ones

A big task will feel overwhelming unless it is broken into smaller chunks. Break one big task into many smaller tasks, then start working on them according to their priority one by one. This will take the pressure of one big goal off from your brain and will help you in productivity.

4. Prioritise the tasks

In accordance with no. 3, prioritising has a very positive effect on your working environment and will help you in gaining all the momentum you require for accomplishing your goals. Prioritising helps in figuring out the tasks which you can accomplish now. This will eventually reduce the time taken to figure out  ‘what to do now’.

6. Figure out your optimum time

As humans, we all have a time of the day, when we are at our best. I mean our ‘ Most Productive time’. Start working at that time or keep the most difficult task for that time. Make a schedule to work in your most productive time and that will really make you manage your time more wisely.

7. Promodoro technique

Promodoro technique is the time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. According to this method, you have to break your available time into smaller chunks and then work according to the assigned time.

It says that our brains can work optimally for 25 minutes and then you have to give  a break to your mind. And start working only after 5 minutes break. These small breaks rejuvenate your mind to take the next task and start working on it efficiently.

8. Work on any one task ( focus )

Focus on only one task at on time. Not working like this make you procrastinate and takes your mind away from the required task. Multitasking waste your time as every-time you change task, your brain has to adjust to the new task. To manage your time effectively, focus on one task at any given time.

9. Learn to say no

Most of the time we are afraid of saying no. Learning to say NO when you have something in your hand and you don’t have time is the best thing you can do to improve your time management skills. Don’t try to please everybody because you cannot. Saying yes to everybody for everything takes a good amount of available productive time from your schedule.

Learn to say no when required.

10. Plan your work ( or time ) ahead

Planning your work ahead and having a schedule reduces the time to think over and over and helps in optimum productivity. Every day make a simple plan for your day and stick to it. When you have a to-do list, you will be obliged to complete that list. It improves your productivity and helps in accomplishing goals.

11. Delegate some work

You cannot be everywhere and do everything yourself. Learn the skill of delegating some work. Figure out which tasks you can do more effectively and what can be delegated to others so that you have enough time to work on the most important things which give you 80 % of the result.

12. Avoid procrastination

At some point, we all procrastinate. And it is perfectly fine but what if you start procrastinating too much and your productivity suffers too much? If procrastinating is making you waste a lot of time, then start working on it and tame this very bad habit.

13. Come out of your comfort zone

Do those tasks that motivate you. Even if it means doing a little bit extra. Leave fears and anxieties at one side and start working towards the most important goal. Whenever fear tries to hold you back, think about the end goal. The thrill of accomplishment always inspires you in doing a little bit extra from your comfort zone.

14. Adapt to changes and any setbacks

If you get some setback, don’t sit and regret it. Setbacks are a part of success. Sitting and regretting over WHAT WENT WRONG wastes lot of time. Adapt to any changes you have to make on the way and move on. Change the course of action and start working with new enthusiasm. Remember taking small steps and moving forward,  what may come is the key to success.

15. Learn to keep records of everything

Make it a habit to record every bit of what you are doing. Write down your accomplishments as well as your setbacks. Your setbacks will help you in figuring out where you went wrong and how you need to make changes to make your time more productive.

16. Be patient and continue work

Sometimes you may not see the result immediately, but don’t get disheartened because you may be just a step behind your goal. Always stop in between and see how much you have accomplished and what more need to be done. This will help you in clearing your mind from demotivating thoughts.

17. Use your downtime wisely

While working towards your goal, you may get burnout and don’t want to do anything. Sitting and relaxing can really rejuvenate your body and brain to start working again. You may have incurred a setback while working. Try not to sit and regret. Rather relax and feel your self near you. When you are not working for your goal, you may feel that overwhelm of not doing anything.

At that time, instead of thinking too much about time waste, use that time to collect your thoughts. Better, meditate and give your mind the dose of beautiful thoughts.

18. Reward yourself on accomplishments

We all love rewards. Why not reward yourself on your small accomplishments. Rewards motivate to do more and think about the next reward.

These are my favourite tips to improve time management skills for accomplishing goals and making your days more productive.


Tips to improve time management skills to accomplish goals and be produtive

 Tips to improve Time management skills to accomplish goals.

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