Here are some time management activities to make you more productive and get more done in a short time.

Managing your time while working from home with kids is really challenging. You need to keep track of your time. It takes some kind of determination and changes in lifestyle to do more in less time and make your self productive.

Everybody is different and keep their own optimum time but from the experience of most people, I have learned that morning are most productive. This one activity of waking up early in the morning let me accomplish most of my work.

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You will never find time for anything, if you want time, you must make it. Charles Buxton

7 best time management activities to make you more productive.


How to stop laziness and beat procrastination

Time management strategies to beat procrastination

1. Rise early in the morning

This one activity let me do a lot more than anything else. Because when you rise early, everybody else is sleeping, so fewer distractions. Somehow your urge to check social media is less in the morning.

Also, you don’t want to switch on your TV( I don’t feel like switching on any distraction). It is really peaceful in the morning. I find myself more productive in the morning.

Everybody is different and some people like to work late hours. As you can see the logic, that your mind is automatically fresh after a sleep of 7-8 hours.

You will be surprised at the new ideas you get in the morning. Also, you get to see the beauty of the sunrise.

2. Say  positive affirmations for 5 minutes

This will take only 5 minutes of your precious morning. But believe me, it will have a large effect on your productivity and your own feelings about your life.

My parents always emphasised the importance of morning.  They always advised to take a shower in the morning and do some prayers.

Pay gratitude and be thankful for whatever you have. As a child, I never understood that but somehow did that. And now it has become a habit. Things change as your situation change, but good habits never let you down. You reap the benefits of good habits in the long run.

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3. Make a to-do list

I love this quote from Zig Zigler

People often complain about lack of time, when lack of the direction is the real problem. Zig Zigler

You know why making a to-do list is considered the most important part of managing your time? It really helps you keep track of what you want to do. Your to-do list gives a direction to your work and saves time.  It reminds you of your most important tasks for the day. Your to-do list should not be so long that it overwhelms you. Keep it manageable and to the point.

Try to batch similar kind of tasks together. Multitasking wastes a lot of time as your brain has to adjust to a new task every time. Adjusting your mind’s focus takes some time. Focus on one important task and then start another. It will save you time as well as your energy to focus on a given task.

4. Prioritise your tasks

After having your to-do list, prioritise your tasks. This should be your second list. Write down the most important tasks at the top. The tasks which are important as well as urgent but not so pleasant should be on the top of the list. Here remember ‘The frog theory’ by Mark Twain.

When you have completed your most important task, it will not haunt you in the day and there will be a sense of accomplishment which will let you accomplish more.

Here use the Eisenhower Matrix for your tasks.

According to Eisenhower matrix, divide your tasks into four quadrants

  • Urgent and important ( the most important tasks
  • Urgent but not important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Neither urgent nor important ( totally delete these tasks )

What an incredible person Dwight Eisenhower was. He was the 34th president of America. He is said to have accomplished a lot in his life and got time for his passions too.

This Eisenhower matrix is really important and helpful if you want to make your self more productive.

5. Practice time blocking while working

This another great person, Frensesco Cirillo created Promodro technique in the late 1980s to make your time more productive. This technique urges to use of blocking time for work. Or do your work in small intervals of time.

According to this technique, your mind can concentrate on the task for 25 minutes only. After that, it starts feeling sluggish and bored. So you have to give a rest for five minutes and start working again.

This will help you in concentrating your self in most important tasks with time blocking for it. Also, after the time for that task is over, move from it. Come to this task later.

6. Keep distractions away

This is the digital online world. You can use it for your benefit, or for wasting time. We see everybody on phones forever. Social media platforms are making it impossible to concentrate on the most important tasks.

You always want to be hooked to your social media. There is nothing wrong with social media but the way you use it makes a difference

Just keep all the social media switched off while working on your most important tasks. It will save you time and keep your mind fresh.

7. Reward yourself on small accomplishments

As humans, we love to receive rewards for accomplishments. It is important to tell your own self that you are doing great and you need to be rewarded for your hard work.

Walk around your room or you can go to the kitchen to get some snacks. I love to reward myself with tea. Though I restrict myself to a few cups.

You can even have a 5-minute nap if you want. Just take time to pamper yourself for a few minutes. This is not a directly time management activity but it helps in making your working time more productive. This helps in increasing your focus.

Time management activities to make you more productive and accomplish more in less time.

Time management activities to make you more productive . Change your habits and see the results


These time management activities have really helped me in being more productive. This is not rocket science but believe me, these simple but effective changes help you a lot in changing the outcome of your efforts.

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