It is possible to manifest abundant money with law of attraction. I came to know the law of attraction a few years back when I read the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

To manifest the law of attraction, you need to find the good in your now. Now is what you have. Abundant life needs you to have ‘abundant ‘ thoughts in your present time. If you want prosperity and money, you need to feel the abundance in your life. You have to leave those scarcity beliefs behind and feel happy about the prosperity now.

How to manifest abundant money with law of attraction and create a life of prosperity

According to the law of attraction, you can have whatever you want.

All that we are is a result of what we have thought. Buddha

What do you want in life?

Take a piece of paper and write down what you want in life. It may be anything. Here we are talking about manifesting money. Write down how much you want in your life. If you don’t believe that you can have a large amount of money, you will not have it. Wealthy people are unconsciously attracting money with their beliefs.

We make our beliefs the way we are brought up. But as the law of attraction scholars say that you need to change your beliefs. You need to take action.

Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it. Jack Canfield

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Tips you need to manifest abundant money with law of attraction

1. Stop being negative about money

One of the very clear points is to make sure that stop thinking negatively about money. It is often said that money is the root of all evil. But money is also needed for everything in this world. Start believing that money is good and you need money to live a happy life.

Earning money the right way, using it wisely and helping someone in need is the key to happiness. Here ‘Love for money’ means to have respect for money. It will help you in removing the money blocks.

2. Be clear of what you want

It is the first step to be crystal clear on for what you want the money. Don’t underestimate your abilities and what you can have. Just think Universe to be your unlimited bank. You can ask for a great amount or a little amount. Money is circulating everywhere. You can channelise that money towards yourself ( With strong beliefs, you will find many doors opening for making money). Being clear means you should be able to make your subconscious believe that you can have it. Ask the universe for what you want the money. It can be for

  • Paying off debt
  • buying your new home
  • Increasing your retirement fund
  • For the education of your child

Name it and you can have it. It is important to eliminate the mental blocks when you are manifesting something. Believing totally in yourself and the universe is the key to manifesting with the law of attraction.

3. Visualise money coming to your account

The first step to manifest money is to believe. Now you want a set amount of money in your account.  You have to visualise that amount coming to your account. Sit in a quiet place, relax your body and mind. Breath deeply for few times. Feel the money in your account. Visualise the money already in your account, or visualise your self checking your account at ATM and see the money on the screen.

Feel the joy of having money in your account. Feel the enthusiasm of having that much money. Visualise all the things you can buy with that money.

4. Meditate on money for few minutes daily

When you want something, you have to believe it. Meditation helps in clearing the doubtful thoughts you have about money.

What you think you create. What you feel you attract. What you imagine, you become. Anonymous

This meditation is similar to any meditation but here the focus is on the money. You want to have money and you have to relax your overwhelmed mind o manifest. Thoughts of lack of money create stress and your mind is always focused on lack of money. Steps required for money meditation are

  • Find a quiet corner in your house or anywhere away from distraction
  • Relax your body, neck and spine. ( Feel yourself relaxed )
  • Don’t catch the negative thoughts. Let them come and go.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your mind
  • Feel the exact amount of money you want, already in your account
  • Feel your account increasing in equal denominations of money
  • As you see the money in account feel happy about it
  • Now think about buying those precious things you want to buy
  • Feel the happiness after buying all those things
  • Imagine yourself helping somebody because now you have abundant money
  • Practice this daily as many times  or as  much as you can

Feel happy and relaxed and don’t let that happiness fade away. This will let you believe that you are already having the set amount of money which you want, in your account.

5. Respect the money you have now and feel good about it

Never underestimate the power of what you have now. You will be able to think about abundance only when you will stop thinking scarcity thoughts.

There is a personal story from my side ” I was working and staying in another city in a beautiful house provided by the company I worked with. We were two housemates. She also graduated the same year. I always thought that I am not going to live in this house forever so I didn’t care much about decorating it.

But once my mother came there and told me to love this house and be grateful for this beautiful place. She didn’t know the law of attraction. But there was a point in her advice. Fortunately, I listened to her. A few years later, now I live in a beautiful house in Melbourne. “

Same way, to have abundant money, you need to be happy and grateful for whatever money you have. It will bring prosperity.

6. Make your subconscious believe that you deserve abundant money

Our subconscious is the storehouse of all the memories and all the activities taking place. And conscious mind communicates through speech, actions, all the senses. These two minds communicate with each other constantly. Whatever we think, feel speak and see gets imprinted on our subconscious. Gradually it becomes our belief and we start feeling the same way.

Now it really depends on you what you want. If you want to have abundant money, you need to have abundant thoughts. Your subconscious should start feeling the same way. For this, you have to feed abundant thoughts to your subconscious constantly. Use positive affirmations for this. My favourite 5 positive money affirmations are

  1. I am happy because I have abundant money
  2. I am a magnet for money and I can attract as much money as I want
  3. Prosperity and abundance comes so easily to me
  4. My wealth is increasing day by day and wealth comes so easily to me
  5. I am able to handle large sums of money and love to have more

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7. Set your intentions on how you want money

It is apparent that you will not get money without taking any action. You will need to take specific actions. You may be working on something which could bring money to you. And you want your work/job to bring money to you. Think about the idea of how you want to have money and success of your work idea.

This will help you in the success of your business idea and any other way to get more money.

8. Have faith

Having faith in-universe and the what universe can do for you in the ultimate thing. It is something you need to train your mind to believe that whatever vibrations you are sending to the universe, you will get back. Having faith in God and having faith in-universe is of utmost importance.


How to manifest money abundant money with law of attraction and create anundance.
How to manifest money with law of attraction. Universe let you feel the vibrations you need for abundance.

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