These actionable hacks to save money on groceries will let you save a good amount of money each month.

We all want to save money from wherever we can, right! I am also one of the people who always look for finding ways to save money. Because I am building my emergency fund with this money. Whatever I save from the grocery budget and earn any money online, I just put it into my emergency saving account.

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Actionable hacks to save money on groceries each month

I want you to build your saving accounts and have a cushion for your emergencies. I always look for new ways to save money. And some of these hacks helped me in solving my budgeting + saving equation. I am so excited to share these with you.

Having a tight budget help in saving some money, but at some point, it becomes difficult to squeeze money for saving. At that point, your next step should be to start earning more instead of just relying on savings. There are many ways you can earn extra income.

Quick money hacks

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Let us start with actionable hacks to save money on groceries each month

1. Use cashback sites

Whenever shopping, use cashback sites to get some money. You will definitely not get rich but saving a few dollars every month can make a big difference at the end of the year. If you will be able to save 20 dollars each month from cashback sites, you will have  240 extra dollars in your pocket ( a big win ).

You know what is the best part is, it helps in giving our brains a boost and inspire to save more. Because saving is also contagious. When you have money, you would love to save more.

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2. Meal planning

Meal planning is that technique that saves you time as well as money. It takes some time to think about what you need to cook daily but if you already have a plan, shopping, as well as cooking, becomes less cumbersome. Also, meal planning helps in buying the exact items you will need for cooking.

You would not run out of stock and have to run to the supermarket to buy that spice which you forgot.

3. Make a strict list

While going for shopping, make a strict list for your grocery. And write down a strict list on top. Don’t buy anything which is not on the list. It will help you in keeping your shopping and spending under control. I believe that we need fewer items than we pick to buy ( just my belief ).

A strict list will also eliminate the urge to buy a packet of chips or a bottle of cold drink which you don’t need. Be mindful of what you are buying and how you are going to cook it.

4. Start cooking from scratch

Cook your food at home. If you don’t have time to cook, start meal planning and cook for a few days a week. Introduce yourself to cooking and you will start feeling the difference in your health and savings. Start from the humble soup. Soups are easy to make and really tasty.

You don’t need to cook fancy food but anything simple would do. Pre-packaged food is always more expensive than home-cooked food.

5. Buy in-season produce

In-season produce is always less pricey. Nonseasonal foods have higher price tags because the money goes in preservation and transportation. As the food is a perishable commodity, it requires refrigeration or some other form of preservation.

If possible, buy from a fresh farmers market. They always have fresh food available in season. Fresh food markets have more variety and sometimes you can find some produce on specials. Those fruits and veggies which have some distorted appearance are sold on less price. I always see food listed on less price on Friday evenings.

6. Cook from fridge

Skip one week and don’t go for grocery shopping. This will save you money for a week. Cook from whatever is left in your fridge. It will help not only help you in reducing wastage but cleaning and organising your fridge also. Because of most of the time, we buy stuff and put in the fridge without noticing what you already have.

Cooking from whatever is left will help you in less wastage and save more. This week was my no spend a week. I saved money and also my fridge is almost empty. I will clean and organise the fridge which otherwise is a totally difficult task( at least for me).

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7. Shop when food is on specials

Have a look at brochures and go shopping on those days when supermarkets have food items on specials. I have seen a lot of difference in the prices of food items while on specials. A few days earlier, I bought cauliflower while on specials on half the normal price.

We shop a lot from Aldi and Coles and have seen a difference in prices when groceries are on specials.

8. Buy Generic/home brand

Generic or home brands are the same quality-wise. Branded items are a bit expensive as compared with home brands. Coles, Aldi, Woolworths, target all have their brands. These are less pricey as compared with their branded counterparts.

They are good quality items with a lower price tag. Good for conservative people like us.

9. Use cash while shopping

Use cash while shopping. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. When you have limited money to spend, you can easily curb the impulse to buy a non-essential item which you only want but don’t need. Even if it is a few dollars every week, it will add up at the end of the month.

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