Here are few time management mistakes that create stress and you should avoid at any cost. It feels like you have all the time in the world. But a day passes so fast. Time flies and yes without wings. As the quote says

Time flies , it is up to you to be the navigator. Robert Orben

Time management mistakes to avoid that create stress and lowers productivity.

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This is so true. Time just flies. We can only realise this when the time has gone. Have you ever found yourself engulfed in the thoughts of doing nothing? It happens to all of us. I always start my morning with great enthusiasm. If my daughter wakes up at the same time, I cannot even feel the passing time, let alone tracking the time. Then I will plan to do all the tasks when she will sleep again. But time slips so fast.

To take control of your time and your tasks, you need planning. Here is a beautiful planner to help you plan your goals and save time.

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Avoid these time management mistakes that create stress and lowers productivity

1. Multitasking

It seems like you are more productive when you multitask. Actually it is the opposite. Your brain takes some time to adjust to the new task. Focusing on one task saves that time which you would have wasted on shifting tasks. Having a clear vision of the outcome helps you in working on one task. Always have a clear focus on the task you are doing.

It will help you in saving time as well as the energy required to work on important as well as urgent tasks.

2. Failing to prioritise your tasks

Some tasks feel urgent but are not important. If you find yourself completing those tasks before the important ones, you are wasting a lot of time.

  • Make a to-do list daily
  • Number them according to their urgency and importance
  • Prioritise those that are urgent as well as important

Those tasks which are important as well as urgent should be on the top. Or you can use Eisenhower matrix to plan your tasks. It helps you distinguish your tasks into, urgent, important and unimportant tasks. This way, you will be able to eliminate those which will waste your precious time.

If you fail to prioritise your tasks, you will always be attempting those tasks that feel urgent but did not align with your goal.

3. Getting fixed on one problem

Some problems take too much time to get solved and your bran starts feeling sluggish while fixated on one problem. To save your self from this, you need to shift the task. You may set a reminder to come to this problem later. It is also a possibility that a solution may pop up in your mind doing something else. Write this solution in your notebook.

After finishing the task in hand, you may start working on the problem again.

4. Planning too many tasks in one day

Make a to-do list but it should not be too long or it will overwhelm you. Only make a list of tasks that takes you closer to your today’s goal. And batch similar tasks together. There should be tasks which you feel like you may be able to accomplish today.

 “To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome not on the obstacles.”            T.F. Hodge

5. Procrastinating

There is a little procrastinator in all of us. Putting things for later, or doing those tasks that your brain feels like doing, jeopardise your time management skills. When you procrastinate tasks, your brain gets a good feeling because the thoughts of anxiety, stress are eliminated.

But your time suffers. Because you are not doing what you should do instead you are doing the activities which keep you busy but away from what is important.

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6. Not tracking your time

Tracking your time will help you gauge your productivity. It will let you analyse if you are working optimally or you need to make any changes. It is seldom that you chose the right option. There is always a need for change in the direction of the work. How you will track your time is the question.

  • Write down the number of hours you worked
  • Tasks you accomplished and those you didn’t
  • Have you reached the proposed goal
  • How much more you need to work on the goal

7. Paying attention to distractions

This digital world has created so many distractions. Every single minute, there is a beep for the message, Facebook, Whatsapp and many more. There is nothing wrong with these but if you start paying attention to every beep and every tone, you will end up doing nothing.

Set a time for this. Check your emails and messages on a set time and you will save so much time which otherwise you will waste on unimportant tasks.

8. Trying to be perfect

Perfection comes after doing the same thing again and again. Don’t get stuck on one thing to make it perfect very first time. And don’t waste too much time in starting something to make it perfect. Just take action, start and see how you can improve this particular task over time.

Practice makes a man perfect

9. Failing to delegate

If you know that somebody else can do this task better than you, delegate that task. You cannot do everything yourself. You need to work on the important tasks and delegate responsibilities. This will not only save you time but also elevates the quality of your work.

As the other person may be a better fit for the task.

10. Not taking breaks

Oh, this one is my favourite. I love to take tea breaks or 5 minutes deep breathing breaks. This helps me in increasing productivity and generating new ideas, always. If you love to work non stop, make it a habit of taking a few minutes breaks after every 30 minutes and a bit longer break after every 90 minutes.

It is said that our brain starts feeling sluggish after 90 minutes. Productivity decreases after 90 minutes of working on a task. So take a break, have lunch or breakfast and again start working with full energy and enthusiasm.

10 time management mistakes that create stress and lowers productivity. Avoid these and be productive and successful in life.

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Avoid these time management mistakes that create stress and lowers productivity