It is easy to make extra money $1000 a month, without leaving home. I am making some money while staying home. Some of these ideas don’t need any experience. But you need to spend some time to make this happen.

earn extra money $1000 a month without leaving home

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I am a huge fan of making and saving each dollar because I am not in a position to work long hours. I have 2 years old daughter who was born premature and is perfectly healthy, but I don’t want to send her to any daycare until she is 3.5 years old.

Working from home is an amazing idea for people like me who cannot go to work for any reason. Though working in an office environment with your teammates and colleagues have their own perks.

If you want to start making money online right now, start doing surveys. You will not become rich but you can increase your emergency fund or your build retirement fund with this extra money. Here is one of my favourite survey companies

  • Survey Junkie:  I personally use Survey Junkie to make some money in free time. It is easy to find high paying surveys at Survey Junkie and you can make good money as a side income from the comfort of your home. You can redeem the points as money or as free gifts.

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♠ If you are looking for some ideas to start some side hustle, find some ideas here 

List of side hustles to earn side income

25 companies that pay to proofread from home

Earning an extra $1000 a month without leaving home is great even with your full-time income.

1.  Earn money doing surveys

Doing surveys is time-consuming and will not make you rich but it is possible to make a few hundred dollars every month. I can easily make $150 to  $200 every month from surveys. One of my friends earns around $250 to $300 every month on top of her full-time income from surveys alone.

Yes, it is really possible to make money from survey sites. You can use this to support your family if you are tight on income. Or what I am doing is, I am putting all the money into my emergency fund to build it to cover my 6 months of expenses.

♦  Swagbucks: Sign up with Swagbucks to claim your $5 bonus and start earning money.

♦ 11 best survey sites to make money now

2. Get cash back with Ebates

Online shopping is changing the way we use to shop. Buying your favorite stuff from your couch with the click of a button is what we all love. More than that, I love money back.

When you get some money back from your shopping, put that money immediately to your saving account. Sign up with Ebates and get your bonus of $10 for signing up. When you make a purchase, you will have your cash back available to get cashed.

You can refer your friends and family and earn referral money from Ebates. For every qualified referral, you can make $25. A win-win situation for you as well as your friend/family member.

If you refer two people, you will earn 50 dollars, and your friend will earn a $10 sign-up bonus.

♦  If you referred 2 people every month, you can make $50 each month doing nothing.

Ebates: Sign up with Ebates and get your bonus of $10

3. Website testing

Oh yes, you can start making some side income from website testing. Website testing companies send websites and apps to testers and ask for honest reviews bout the website. It is to test how navigation works and how website users would be able to use that particular website easily.

Some companies may need you to install software to record your voice and navigation. You should have a basic knowledge of English as you may have to give your opinion by writing your views.

Requirements: A PC, a high-speed internet, webcam, microphone.

You can check here the companies who pay to test websites

4. Write a listicle on Listverse and earn $100

Write a listicle and earn $100 if you get selected. The only catch is that it should be your own and you should have a resource to verify the claims. They have very simple rules which are written on their website. You can check yourself and see if you qualify.

5. Make money with your spare change

Sign up with Acorns and claim your bonus immediately after investing with the app. You don’t need a huge amount of money to invest rather it will invest your spare change by rounding up your purchases. You can read my review about Acorns here.

 Acorns(Raiz): Sign up and claim your $5.

6. Make money referring your friends and family

There are many apps and survey sites that pay you for referring them to your friends and family. You don’t have to go anywhere for that. Just share your referral link with your friends and you are done ?.

You can invite friends and family through email and you can also share your unique referral link on social media to get more people to sign up through your link.

Both you and your friends can profit from this. It is a win-win situation. You can check here…

Best apps and survey sites that pay for referring people.

7. Earn extra money as a freelance writer

If you love writing, you can easily make money from your writing services. Hone your skills and start pitching for work. If you can write well and have a knack for putting your ideas into words, then start a freelance writing job.

Elna Clain from is a freelance writer and has a free email course for budding writers. She has a plethora of free information as well as very good courses for helping you to become a writer.

Freelance writers earn good money. It is a bit difficult in the beginning, but with practice and experience, you can charge good rates for your articles.

If you want to start your freelancing writer career, here is a post that can help you find your first writing gig.

 57 places to find freelance writing jobs as a beginner

8. Earn to search on google

This is an easy way to earn money without doing anything. There are many ways to make money as an Internet researcher. Most of us daily do some kind of search on the internet.

But structuring this research and doing a search for particular tasks can make you money. Here are some ways to make money as an Internet Researcher

  • Answer questions posted on sites
  • Extract information from the web for clients

If you are interested in making money with your full-time job or want to start some side hustle to break the 9 – 5 routine, here are some posts to read. You may find some ideas to start working along with your job or if you are staying at home for any reason.

How to make money as an internet researcher

9. Virtual Office Temps

Virtual Office Temps is a place for virtual assistants to find work. They hire people for services like clerical support, administration, management, social media evaluator and many more. You can check their job board where you fit and how you can find work related to your skill. From the jobs listed, you can see that those jobs pay anywhere from $14 to 20/hr.

10. is a company that hires transcriptionists to do the transcription work. It depends on you how much work you want to do. They pay around $ 20 – 25 / hr for the transcription work.

It is a bit slow in the beginning, but as you get experienced, you will start earning more. Before being accepted, you need to pass their skill test.

How to earn extra money $1000 a month without leaving home.

You can start side hustles if you want to earn more to save more. Side income can help you grow your savings.  Here are a few ideas that can help you find some ideas for your side hustle.

  If you want free gift cards  : Sign up with Swagbucks . There are many ways to earn points from Swagbucks to get get reward points and get free points.

♠ If you want instant money : Sign up with Ebates and get your bonus of $10  which you can access after making some purchase. There are many stores from which you can earn cashback on shopping.

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10 Money making ideas to make $1000 without leaving home.