What would you do if you save $ 2100 in three months? You will feel better and who knows your saving habit becomes contagious and you start saving a lot of money. I know this is not a very big amount but as the saying goes

“A penny saved is a penny earned”

So instead of working more for the same amount, why not save the money instead of spending it.

is money and be happy. Some of the activities have a direct effect on the saving habits of people which can lead to increased wealth. These will add money into your account for sure because when you pay attention to savings you will always have more to save. Today I will talk about saving 2100 dollars in 3 months. It comes out to be $700 a month.

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When we think of saving 2100 dollars, it seems big. But break it down and you will be left with 2.5 dollars a day. This is an easy strategy. This needs to work on your day to day goals.

How to save $2100 to build wealth

Change your Mindset

Changing your mindset can do a lot more than you think. If you will go on thinking about buying stuff, you will end up in shopping centres every weekend. But if your mind will be in saving money than you will be always thinking about saving money.

There are always two ways to grow wealth. The first one is to save money and the second is to make more money. It really matters whether you are following both or only one of them. Because if you will only be saving money, there will be a point where you won’t be able to save further than that.

To grow wealth, you need to work on both of the strategies. They both together work very well.

Today we will discuss how to add extra 2100 dollars in your account in 26 weeks. Why 26 weeks because we are in the middle of the year and it is better to work in the time available to us.

19 Tips to save extra $2100 to grow wealth in three months time.

How to save an extra $2100 to grow wealth in three months time

1. Start doing surveys

I earned my first dollar online by doing surveys. It was just a year ago. But I am near to building my emergency fund with the money I earn through surveys. I know, you will not become rich by doing surveys and only do surveys if you don’t have anything else to do or just watching TV. Watching TV will not pay you any money but if you will utilise that time to do surveys, you can earn a few dollars. And at the end of the month, check how much you have earned

I always do surveys while going on public transport, waiting for the doctor appointment at medical centres, or while cooking. If I have to wait for something, I always use my phone to do surveys and start a survey whenever I get time.

? Always try to do surveys in your spare time. Surveys don’t make you rich but can help you build your savings account

If you want to start making money online right now, start doing surveys. You will not become rich but you can increase your emergency fund or your build retirement fund with this extra money. Here is one of my favourite survey companies

  • Vindale SearchI like this survey site because they provide a huge amount of surveys. There is always a survey waiting to be completed.  This is a New York-based company and pays anywhere between $1-5 for surveys. They also provide product testing opportunities which start from $5 and go up from there.

    ⭐   Sign up with Vindale research here.

Swagbucks: Sign up to get $5 bonus

There are many ways to make money with Swagbucks. Here you can collect points with shopping, watching videos and taking polls. You get paid in SB which are Swagbucks points. Then you can redeem them either as gift vouchers or you can get real money through Paypal when you reach 2500 SB. It will fetch you 25 dollars.

Sign up for Swagbucks here

These are my favourites but you can sign up for more if you want and can start earning money Now.

Here is a list of Survey sites to start making money now.

2. Make a budget

Making a budget and sticking to it will always help you squeeze out some money for saving. Finding ways to reduce expenses is only possible if you have a working budget.

There is no right or wrong way to budget, whatever system you chose,  just do it consistently. Normally as with exercise and weight loss programs, we start with enthusiasm and then stop after some time. While done consistently and deliberately, it makes you save a good amount of money in the long run.

The main goal of budgeting is to save money as well as have enough for your basic needs. It is not difficult but you need to have a plan as well as be patient and determined. There is a lovely quote and my all-time favourite :

” Money grows on the tree of persistence “

If you are a family, it is important to work together but sometimes taking your spouse along with your money matters is important. Some people are really hard, I have my partner like this, it is really difficult to tell him anything regarding money because he has a certain mindset which he doesn’t want to change. Budgeting with him is really difficult but gradually he is getting into this habit. I am sure, with budgeting you will be able to save around 100 – 200 dollars each month.

How to save extra $2100 in three months time

3. Save money by getting free gift cards

Getting something free always ignite a certain kind of curiosity and satisfying emotion. It is cool to get free gift cards to buy your favourite gift cards. Just a few months ago, I got $20 from eBay to shop. I was so happy that I totally jumped and bought some storage boxes I was planning to buy but could not buy.

Not only this, I got $50 amazon gift card from Swagbucks the previous month.

Swagbucks is great for free gift cards. You can accumulate points and those points can get you free gift cards. ( you can also redeem your points by getting cash through  Paypal). Sign up with Swagbucks to get free gift cards as well as cash.

How to save extra $2100 to grow wealth

4. Create a need only  grocery list

If I go without a list, I always buy a lot of stuff and forget the most needed one. But if I take only the needed grocery list with me, it helps in keeping my spending on grocery to the minimum.

Never ever think of getting inspiration to buy from the supermarket aisles. They are designed for the customers to spend more instead be guided by your needs.

21 tips to save money on a very tight budget

5. Using credit cards wisely or not at all

I have seen some people who go on holidays on credit cards. They spend money from their credit cards and then they work twice to pay that credit card debt. I think they should save money for their holidays and save themselves from the stress of credit card debt.

Buying anything big or travelling on credit money is not a wise thing. It is better to hate credit cards instead of loving them. Avoiding credit cards can save you a lot of money.

6. Cut your spending

If done before anything else, cutting your spending on unnecessary items can save a lot of money( I am talking about thousands). We did this while saving for our home loan (a mammoth goal). Cutting our spending gave us a lot of money to save.

? Pro Tip: Always save the money in your saving account otherwise you will end up spending that money somewhere else

Or you can try some simple and actionable tips to cut your spending here

Do you know why I am writing all these while I am supposed to write how to save? Because these tips will help you in squeezing out money from everywhere. This will let you save money easily which you will need to grow your account easily.

7. Avoid purchasing bigger items immediately

Always plan bigger purchases and avoid buying them immediately. This will give you some time to save as well as you can wait for some deals and sales. Sometimes your idea for buying a new item may drop.

This happened to us when we were trying to change our TV.  We wanted a bigger one but then after a few days, thought that the one which we have is enough for the time being and we will buy the bigger one sometime later.

This has saved us a lot of money and we can still watch everything.

8. Change your utility providers

If you are with a utility provider but feeling that you are spending too much on bills, give them a call to get some discounts. Compare prices with other providers and if your rates are higher, change your utility provider.

This will definitely save you lots of money in the long run.

Cut utility bills

You cannot believe how much utilities can save you. Write down how much you spend on utilities each month. Then make some changes the way you use water, gas and energy. Try to limit the use.


  • Reduce the frequency of laundry
  • Take less time to shower ( If you take 10 minutes for a shower, reduce it to 7 minutes ) Always use a timer. You will be surprised to know how much you saved.
  • Always use a dishwasher when it is full. If you have a few dishes, wash them with your hands
  • Make sure no tap is leaking


  • If your house is gas heated, keep thermostat lower
  • Bulk cook the items you can freeze

You can read about saving on gas here


  • Switch off whenever not using
  • Keeping your thermostat under control

Simple and actionable tips to save money on electricity

9. Unsubscribe from  marketing emails and subscriptions

Never keep subscribed to marketing emails from online stores because when you get an email about deals and sales, you are tempted to buy. Also, try not to keep apps for shopping portals.

Online shopping can become addictive and you will spend a lot of money without even realizing.

Same is with magazine subscriptions and gym memberships. If you don’t use those services. it is better to unsubscribe from them.

10. Shop with cashback sites

Sign up with Ebates and get your bonus of $10 : If you love shopping and want to earn cashback then Ebates is for you.

Sometimes you can get really good deals on shopping sites, not only that, but you also get cashback. I got $48.5 from cashback sites last month( I had a bid purchase for which I got a bigger amount in cashback). Free money gives you a kind of happiness which you don’t get even from a discount. It is totally possible to save around $20 every month from your normal purchases. If in any month, you make a big purchase, you can get more.

Some sites and apps do pay for referring people. Use those sites and apps to make some money for adding into your saving account. You will be able to reach your goal earlier.

Here is a list of sites and apps which  you for referring people

11. Transfer savings automatically

This one is a really smart thing to do while saving money. You know your end goal is saving $2100, and you have broken it into your weekly savings. Make it automatic so that you have to think about saving more and earning more.

Also, make it sure to make that money difficult to access. Automatic transfers don’t depend on your mood, I mean you cannot change your mind to give yourself an extra week to save more. When you have already transferred your money into a savings account, your mind will start about making necessary changes to earn or save that much amount from your daily expenses.

12. Use your own banks ATM only

It is always convenient to use your nearest ATM but be mindful that it has some fee related to the service. Using your one bank’s ATM will save you some money. Pay attention if the ATM you are using charges fee for the service or not. A few dollars adds up at the end of the year.

13.  Declutter your house and sell your old stuff

If you can find some items around your house in good condition, it is a good idea to sell those items on Gumtree or Facebook market place. Especially the toys if you have kids at home can fetch you a good amount of money.

14. Go for free entertainment

When you have saving goals, look for free things and entertainment is one of them.  Cut your cable, cancel subscriptions to music streaming apps and go for free outings. It will save you around $200-300/month

15. Go for a no-spend weekend

Plan a no-spend weekend and stick to it. If you have kids at home and you take them to outings every weekend, you have to plan some free activities for them in advance.

Talk to your family and kids about your goals for the weekend. I am sure your family and kids will understand what they need to do in order to enjoy free activities.

17. Start saving

I know you would be thinking, how can I save money when I am already on a very tight budget. It is possible and you should definitely do it. If you loved the idea of saving change during childhood ( everybody loves to do so during childhood), I bet you would love it now too. If you want to give it a try, start saving with Acorns App. When you link your bank account with Acorns, it will save and invest for you by rounding off your purchases.

♦ Start saving your change and investing it with Acorns ( Raiz )

18. Start couponing

If you haven’t used coupons, this is the time to start using coupons for saving money. Couponing is a great way to save on shopping. It is important to save with coupons as well as make use of sales. Don’t buy things on a whim. Wait for sales. Use coupons along with sales and you would have saved really a lot.

19. Don’t stop

I think by applying these methods, you can save $2100 at the end of the three months. What you can do is take the challenge of saving 2100 dollars again and make a goal of saving more for the next three months. This time, make a bigger goal. Believe me, you will be better equipped to save this time.

How you can save extra $2100 to grow wealth in 3 months time

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How to grow your wealth by tracking your spending

These are some of my best ways I used to save exactly the same amount of money. I did most of the things I have mentioned here and trust me, you will be surprised at the end of three months. You may have more than 2100 dollars saved.

My best wishes are with you. I want you to be happy and successful in your money-saving goals.

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