Finding entry level freelance writing jobs is not an easy task. Not only writing, but any kind of work is also difficult to find when you don’t have the experience. Same goes with the freelancing writing jobs.

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There are many job boards where you can find beginner writing jobs. But the pay rate is not that good and you have to work for pennies. In any case, some people find very good clients through these job boards. Some of the job boards are considered really good compared with others.

  • How to find entry level freelance writing jobs
  • Where to find these job

If you love writing and want to start your very own freelancing services business, you can start by taking some writing jobs on job boards.

Jobs posted on job boards are less paying jobs and most of them are only for a one time gig. This kind of writing jobs can help you build your portfolio and resume.

Here are few job boards to find entry level freelance writing jobs


How to find  entry level freelance writing jobs

Problogger has the most curated jobs and really a great place to find writing jobs. You can find writing gigs according to your niche.

2. Back to college

freelance writing jobs

 Back to college is a place for mature students. But if you are a writer and want to help older students, you can submit your writing here.  Posts should be 1000 – 1500 words. Payment is around 70- 130 dollars for original articles. Payments are made through Paypal.

3. Flex Jobs

Flexible freelance writing jobs

 Flexjobs is considered one of the top job board for freelance jobs. You can screen jobs according to your niche and the services you want to offer.  It is really a good place to find work as you can also get notifications for jobs according to your fit.

4. Write Naked

Freelance writing jobs for beginners

At Write naked, you can submit posts for many niches on Write naked and get paid. Pay rate is around  $75 for 450 – 650 words post

5. Constant Content

Freelance writing jobs

Constant content is the largest and very well established place for writers. You have to apply to them and pass their stringent test before getting accepted.

6. Barefoot Writer

 Barefoot Writer is really a great magazine for writers. They post tips and connect writers to expert writers. Also, you can join their club and learn how to write well and make it your side income stream.

7. Online writing jobs

entry level freelance writing jobs for beginners

Online writing jobs are for US freelance writers. The best part is they have jobs available for any skill and even for beginners. To start and build your portfolio, entry level freelance writing jobs are always great. To work on this site, you must have some knowledge of SEO.

8. Listverse

List verse If you can write interesting and engaging list post containing 10 items, you can submit posts on List verse. And if approved, you will be paid  $100. They pay through Paypal.

9. Clear Voice

entry level freelance writing jobs

  On Clear voice, you can pitch for writing jobs and if get accepted, you will be paid for your work. You have to create a profile and your profile is matched with the brands. Matching jobs are emailed to you.

10. Income Dairy

Income dairy pays you to write anything like making money, driving traffic, social media, creating awesome websites. They pay around  $200 for a high standard, engaging article.

11. Mediabistro

Media bistro for entry level freelance writing jobs

Media Bistro

This is also a job board with curated writing jobs from all over the world. This can be helpful when you are just starting out as a freelance writer.

12. Bloggingpro

How to find entry level freelance jobs

The blogging pro job board is a great place to find blogging type writing gigs. If you can write good engaging articles, you can find something for you on this job board. It is written on their job board that it is updated daily with fresh jobs.

Bloggers and companies with websites looking for content advertise their requirement and you as a freelancer can apply to those jobs.

13. Freelance Mom

How to find entry level freelance writing jobs as a beginner

At Freelance Mom, they have clear guidelines on their website what kind of writing they want. The articles should be 900 to 1500 words long. They pay around 150 dollars per article. Its name is Freelance mom but guys are equally welcome to write on the website.

They have few guidelines though which you can check on their first page.

14. Solid Gig

 Solid gigs work by delivering well filtered freelance jobs from all over the world. It connects you with the best clients but it has some fee for using this site.

You can sign up for a one month trial for $2 and then it will be $19 for a month which you can cancel any time.

15.Freelancer writer den

Freelance writing jobs

Freelancer writing den is an ultimate online job board for a freelance writer to build their freelance careers as a writer. To start looking for writing jobs, you need to be a member with the company.

16. Who pays writers

Entry level freelance writing jobs

Who Pays Writers is a place where you can find the publications which advertise writing jobs and their completed gigs. You can use those publications to pitch them for writing jobs.

17. Morning coffee newsletter

Entry level freelance writing jobs for beginners to start freelance careers

Morning Coffee Newsletter If you want to find writing jobs, this job board is really good. Freelance writing offers morning coffee newsletter. They provide you latest writing job offers straight into your inbox.

18. iWriter

iWriter is very beginner-friendly. If you are just starting out, you can start working on this website. They are accepting writers from North America, South America, Europe and Australia. You have to apply to them and they will contact you within 2 weeks time after reviewing your application.

They pay up to $ 80 per $500 words article. The best part is you can choose the topics you want to write about.

19. All Freelance Writing Board

All freelance writing board is a place where you can find writing jobs in a niche you want to write. Jobs are displayed according to the pay rate. Writers can find gigs which pay from $ 25 to  $ 750. The best thing is you can start pitching to the jobs on this board as a newbie writer.

20. Word candy

How to find entry level freelance writing jobs

At Wordcandy they are always looking for talented writers. You have to submit your application there to start writing gigs. In the application form, you can express your rate. This one is a ghostwriting service. If accepted, you will be producing articles for big sites.

These are great places to find freelance writing jobs. Now the not-so-fun part of pitching the jobs. Your pitch should stand out to get the job because you will be competing with hundreds of other freelancers.

21. Contently

Contently match you with good brands for better-paying gigs. Their pay rate is really good.  Not only for other companies, but Contently also want you to write for them. Their selection process is a bit strict.

21  companies to find entry level freelance writing jobs
How to find freelance writing jobs as a beginner

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