Have you ever wondered how time flies when you watch videos on your smartphone? Now the question is how to make money watching videos online so you will get paid for the entertainment time too.

And yes, kids love watching videos on the phone too. So when I have to do something significant where I cannot divide my attention, I allow my daughter to watch videos on my phone.

There is nothing more engaging than watching videos for her. I know this is not a healthy option for kids, but when you work from home and have something important to do at a particular time, you have to work out somehow.

How to make money watching videos online

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 Opinion outpost

Kids and adults also love watching videos; when you start once, you cannot stop. It takes some time to bring yourself back to work. So why not use this time to earn a few bucks, which we will waste anyway?

This means is that we all love watching videos. So why not get paid for the leisure time.

Many apps pay you for watching videos. So you download the app or browser button and watch your favorite videos as you usually do.

How to make money watching videos online

Many websites and apps can help you earn money by watching videos. Of course, you will not get rich by doing so, but a few bucks won’t hurt. I think you will agree with me on this one that most of us love free money. Earning money by watching videos is free because you will watch them anyway.

Here are the apps and websites you can use to make money watching videos.

1. Swagbucks

There are so many ways to make money with Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a portal that rewards you for many simple things like internet surfing, watching videos, and completing surveys. 

There is a lot you can do with Swagbucks. Earning money with Swagbucks is easy. It will not make you rich, but there is no harm in earning extra money, which could go into your emergency fund, or retirement fund, or you can use it towards travel.

When you count every month, it seems to be very little, but in the long run, it becomes a good amount of money.

The best part is Swagbucks allows you to choose which type of videos you want to watch.

Sign up with Swagbucks to start earning rewards now

2. Fusion Cash

This is another website that pays you to complete offers. Get your $5 sign-up bonus after signing up. Fusion cash is good in terms of paying for completing offers. This is the only one that pays well.

Fusion Cash is a legitimate company that does not charge you anything for signing up. Instead, they pay you a sign-up bonus. In addition, there is a mix of credit card and non-credit card offers.

The credit card offers to let you sign up for a few days ( 7 or 10 days ) or a month of a free trial. After that, they credit your account. Higher paying ones want you to pay to get full credit.

You should have a good strategy for finding this type of offer. The offer is worth trying if you get $30 after paying $5. However, you should be careful about the kind of offers you accept. Fusion Cash is most flexible in terms of spending money.

Some of the offers pay ‘Instant credit.’ This type of offer shows credit immediately in your account.

Here are some points you should keep in mind while taking offers

  • A mix of non-credit card and credit card offers
  • Take offers that pay you more than they charge for being their customer
  • Complete those offers that let you make $8-10 in an hour

3. Grab points

Grab points is a great website to earn some money watching videos. There are other ways too to make money. You can grow your account by completing paid surveys, Rewards, and other offers. This company has been around since 2014 and has paid cash and gifts worth over $5 million.

It is a very legit site with 4.5⭐ ratings on trust pilot. They pay you for watching videos from different categories.

You will get videos from tech, fashion, and lifestyle. It will be possible to watch videos depending on your interest.

I know I am writing here about making money by watching videos, but it will be a good idea to discuss other options to make money on Grab Points.

Surveys: It will be possible for you to earn more and redeem early when you accumulate more points. This website pays you more when you complete surveys. Surveys will pay you more depending on the length of the study. It delivers from $0.50 to a couple of dollars.

Reward offers: You can earn quick money by completing offers. When you find suggestions on your dashboard, sign up for them and meet them. You will be paid for this.

The website may pay you for offers like visiting a website, downloading the apps, trial offers, and many more. You don’t have to accept all requests; you can only get those that interest you

Check out Grab points yourself and sign up to grab your 500 points

4. iRazoo

When you join iRazoo, they compensate you with 500 points. iRazoo is just like other companies that pay you to complete offers. One of the ways to get payments is by watching offered videos.

There are many other ways to earn money with iRazoo, like completing surveys, playing games, and downloading apps.

As we are talking about making money watching videos, iRazoo provides fresh daily videos. They update the videos daily and provide fresh content. You can find cooking tutorials, advertisements, app trailers, and many more. Whatever you will watch, bring some rewards to you.

You can get gift cards, or you can convert your reward points into PayPal money

Sign up for iRazoo here

5. Netflix Tagger

Earning money with Netflix Tagger is fun and exciting. You get paid for binge-watching your favorite shows. It sounds easy and fun but getting accepted as a Netflix tagger, or editorial analyst is not easy.

They need you to be a bit expert on movies and writing reviews. Nothing is more exciting than getting paid to watch movies the whole day. Netflix Tagger jobs are listed only on their website.

The website does not clearly state what type of qualifications they want but hires people from a film writing background if they have some copywriting skills and a degree or any education in the film line.

Check Netflix Tagger here.

These are a few places where you can get paid to watch videos and TV. I will update you with more offers. This area of testing videos and getting reviews is expanding due to competition.

How to make money watching videos online for free


To conclude, we can say that it is possible to make money by watching videos. With smartphones always in our pockets or hands, we will watch videos anyway. Why not earn a few bucks for that time? You should only

  • Take those offers that pay well.
  • Always be careful not paying anything for signing up
  • You will not earn a lot of money to make you rich but can cause some amount to pay your bills or save

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