Home typing jobs are the first thing that comes to mind when looking for online jobs. However, it is possible to find legitimate home typing jobs to make money.

Legitimate home typing jobs to make money working from home

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Start here if you are interested in finding jobs where you can only type and get money.

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Legitimate home typing jobs for making money

As we know that when we look for something online, we get skeptical as online skepticism is rampant. Some of the offers feel too good to be accurate, and you should be careful about those requests.

Not all of the offers are spammy. For example, many good companies provide legitimate typing jobs.

Skills you need to work on typing jobs.

You don’t need a graduate degree to work in these jobs. Even if you are a total beginner, getting accepted into these types of jobs is still possible. However, you must possess a few skills to succeed at typing jobs.

1.Proficient in using Google docs and Microsoft office: You may have to enter the data and information on Microsoft word documents or google docs.

2. Good typing speed: This skill is necessary when you want to work in typing jobs. Typing with good speed and accuracy means you can get more work done in less time.

3. Attention to detail & accuracy: This is required as it will help you make fewer errors.

4. Patience: You must do repetitive work, for which you need a lot of patience. If you get easily annoyed and start feeling bored, this is not for you.

Here are the companies that provide legitimate home typing jobs

Not all typing jobs are equal. Some jobs are simple data entry jobs, and others are transcription types.

Data Entry jobs: These jobs require you to enter data on any document. These types of jobs are not good paying ones but will help you in getting started.

Transcription jobs: Transcription involves converting any audio to written text. It is a bit more complex than Data entry, so it pays well.

Here I am classifying the companies that are only Data entry companies and those that provide transcription typing jobs.

1. Clickworker

Clickworker is a global company that provides many jobs, and typing is one of them. Their site says they are always looking for people who can create or correct text, surveys, and categorize data. They make payments with Paypal.

Sign up with Clickworker, and that’s it. If you get accepted, you can start looking for jobs and apply to the ones you feel comfortable with.

2. The Smartcrowd

The Smart Crowd is part of Lionbridge company and has a good reputation. It is a microtask company that matches your skills with the jobs. Their pay rate depends on the type of work and your performance.

If you want to work with The smart crowd, register with them, and once they evaluate your application, they will match your skills with the advertised jobs. Payments are made once a month.

3. Microworkers

Microworkers is another place where you can find some typing jobs. This site is also a micro task site with advertised typing jobs. You should be careful of any spammy type of jobs on this website.

Payments are made through PayPal but only after the work gets approved. The minimum threshold for payments is $10.

4. Working Solutions

Working solutions occasionally provide data entry jobs. To start working with them, you must apply online, and they will do some assessments. Their website says that it takes around two weeks to get the result whether you got accepted or rejected.

If accepted as an agent, you can start working by putting yourself forward for the advertised jobs. Payments are made either through bank deposit or check.

5. Smartapartmentdata

Smartapartmentdata is a company that collects data for multi-family housing professionals. They hire data entry operators to add the listings to their database.

6. Dion Data Solutions

Dion Data Solutions hire data entry people occasionally. The best part is they provide all the training required. They will email you whenever they have a vacancy or opportunity.

Transcription typing jobs

7. Tigerfish

Tigerfish provides transcription work that requires typing. They hire people who are US citizens or residents. It is a legit company that has been around since 1989.

To start working, you have to get evaluated first. For this, you will need specific software which you can download for free.

8. Speakwrite

Speak write hires typists from the US and Canada as independent contractors. To get approved, you must have a typing speed of 60 WPM and an accuracy of 90%.

You have to download their software and start the evaluation process to get accepted. The company accesses your application based on accuracy and speed. During the evaluation, you will be given tasks that resemble the work you will be getting.

9. Quicktake

To work with Quicktake, you have to apply online by filling out the application. Also, they need you to complete two short essays. Be as accurate as possible with grammar and spelling.

Here, you must listen to the audio and convert it into a test by typing. They also provide medical and legal transcription work. You will have an added benefit if you know Spanish as well.

10. Babble Type

This company hires native English-speaking people for transcription. And they pay weekly according to the time spent working. Their website says they constantly seek transcribers and translators but are very selective.

11. Transcribe me

 Transcribe me to hire beginners even if you have no experience. Before getting accepted, you have to pass a test. And if you fail, you must wait for six months before applying again. It works on the model of work when you want and from your home.

They pay an average pay rate of $15-22/ hr. And how much you earn depends on your speed. So accurate and good typing speed could make you better money.

12. BAM Transcription

BAM Transcription is a transcription company that provides typing work and has been around for 20 years.

A musician started it. They are Hollywood based and specialize in transcribing for entertainment services. Send them an email, and they will inform you about their selection process. You need to pass a skill test to start working with them.

13. Allegis Transcription

Allegis Transcription is a company that hires beginners as well, but you need to pass the skill test. And your typing speed should be 75 WPM, and you have impeccable grammar. They work for insurance transcription, and you can have steady work and income if you get hired. Also, Payrate is better than many companies.

14. Ubiqus

Ubiqus provides many types of transcription services like general transcription, legal, and medical. They hire people from all nationalities and at all levels. Their website says they are looking for freelance transcriptionists at this time. If you are looking for typing jobs, don’t wait. Sign up now to get started.

15. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription

Their website says their transcriptionists earn between $ 100- 3000, depending on their skill and the amount of work they take. No experience is required, but you may expect to make more money as a bilingual.

Payrate is better if the transcriptionist is ready to take on challenging assignments.

If you are looking for typing jobs, you can opt for data entry or transcription jobs. Data entry jobs are easy to do but are less paying and challenging to get accepted into.

Transcription jobs are better paying though they also involve typing only. The main task is to convert audio into text with accuracy and detail.

Best legitimate  home typing jobs to make money

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