How to build your emergency fund on low income

Building an emergency fund is a necessity, not a luxury which you can avoid. Having an emergency fund gives you peace of mind. Start with a minimum amount each week even if it is $25 or $10. In an era of shrinking jobs, an emergency fund is not a choice. And it was never as […]

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Habits to learn to retire in next 5 years

7 Habits which will take you on the journey to retire early My mind always fills with unimaginable fantasies when I think of having one million dollars in my account and don’t have to think of working again. Till now I never thought of this thing. I always thought of working until the actual retirement […]

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11 money saving affirmations that really work

Grow your wealth and financial abundance by thinking positively about it and feeling happy about it. Try these money saving affirmations and see the difference. We live in a world of so many beautiful things that we want to buy everything. Though this is impossible still we buy as much as we can. So we […]

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