Gratitude is a powerful word which gives strength and happiness. I have met some people who are so grateful for whatever they have that they complain.

But some people are never happy with their present condition and they are always complaining. Being happy in present as well as paying gratitude for everything you have, is so crucial for a happy life.

 Always Practice Gratitude to attain happiness in your life

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When we are not happy with our present condition, we feel stressed and always try to find happiness in those things which are detrimental to our lives. The most important cause of lost happiness is not being able to see our present gifts in life. Practising gratitude brings happiness.

In today’s world, we believe science-related researchers. And now science backs up the positive effects of gratitude. Power of gratitude is known since ages. We are forgetting this simple ritual. Now we have research on everything. It’s good. But implementing that in our daily lives is better than just reading about researches.

It is easy to be grateful for whatever we have in our lives. It just needs little change in the way we perceive things. If we feel like having a completely healthy body is a blessing, we will feel happy about it. If materialistic things are important than health then you will not feel happy about it.

Here are some simple tips to feel great about and pay gratitude for these great things.

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1. Be grateful for what you have

Get up in the morning and think about your blessings that make you happy. Write down on the paper. Every day write down 2 things to start with and feel happy about it. Have these two blessings in your mind.

And whenever you have some doubts about your happiness, just remember those. These two things can be anything. It could be your possession, any  2 people without whom you cannot live. These people are your blessings. Say thanks for them because they are here in your life.

2. Always add to your gratitude journal

When you will start adding more and more things to your gratitude journal, you will be surprised to know about the great things in your life. There was a time, I was always very depressed. I used to be a very negative person. One of my friends always told me that I enjoy being depressed. She told me to shift my thoughts from ‘what you want’ to ‘what you have’.

I began implementing those things daily in my life, even if for a few minutes. It changed my life totally. Few minutes of counting my blessings in the morning helped me a lot in setting the tone for the whole day. I became more happy and content.

Counting my family as my greatest blessing made me so happy. I really have a very loving family. I started thanking God for that. Things started changing after I changed my thoughts and started paying gratitude.

And now, nothing bothers me. I feel happy most of the time. Problems come and go. But I remain the same. Only paying gratitude taught me all these things.

3. Meditate with grateful thoughts

Choose one or two thoughts and start being grateful for that. Say thanks to almighty for those 2 things.  Start with few thoughts if you feel that your mind is wandering here and there.

We all have something to be grateful for. Make note of those things. And see which one are you most grateful for. Meditate on that one blessing.

You may have few or all of these below-written blessings, count on them:

  • Good physical health
  • Loving family
  • Great professional career
  • Able to wake up daily to enjoy the day
  • Supporting freinds

You may have many blessings. These are just few which I love to meditate on (except great professional career).

Meditating on grateful thoughts make our anxieties and stress to go away. It helps in having a calmer mind and a very light feeling. I know you think it is difficult to concentrate on those things which we have. Because there are  lot of things in life which we don’t have. But meditating on our gifts is so important. Problems are real. They will always be there. It is a never-ending cycle for living beings.

But counting your blessings and be grateful for them is the key to happiness.

4. Be grateful for your body

Think about your optimally functioning body parts. Have you ever paid attention to it? Are you guaranteed to have all the functioning body parts? No. You should be thankful for these. You cannot buy your optimally functioning body parts with any amount of money. They are precious.

Be grateful for the body and body parts. Start paying gratitude whenever you find yourself in thoughts which makes you stressful. Say thanks to that you have got a healthy body which can help you achieve anything.

5. Say thanks to people around you

Whenever somebody does some favour, say thanks to them on their face. Don’t feel like you don’t have words. It should not be something formal. It should be from the bottom of your heart. Be really thankful for the action of the person.

This will make you feel great because you made the other person feel great. He/she is not obliged to help you but the other person took the time to solve your problem.

This is another person’s greatness. Show them that they are great at doing so.

6. Be grateful for the shelter and food

It would be so nice if you start feeling grateful for the worldly materials you have in your life. Food, shelter and clothes are basic needs. If you could meet your basic needs it means you should be thankful for these.

Think about those people who cannot afford even the basic amenities. You are in a better place. Why not be thankful for this. When you feel happy about what you have, you attract abundance.

7. Health is gift

Yes, your health is the most precious gift from God. Be thankful for that. Don’t take it for granted. You can learn the importance of good health from terminally ill people.

Even if the illness is not life-threatening, you can feel the agony of being not able to do daily chores. Always be mindful about thanking for good health. Sometimes you cannot buy good health after spending lots and lots of money.

Appreciate if you have good health today. Be grateful for a healthy body today. This will help you realize the most beautiful gift of your life but will also help to enhance it.

Gratitude helps in improving the quality of life by easing stress and relieving depression. It is also known to improve health.

These are my thoughts on paying gratitude. What do you think about paying gratitude and how you pay gratitude. Please tell me in comments. And if you like this post, please share. I will be thankful from the bottom of my heart.

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Practice gratitude to attain happiness and attract abundance in your life.