Fist of all, Happy new year to everybody. New year brings new hopes and enthusiasm to work on the goals which we could not bring into fruition in past year. I have some new goals and milestones whihe I have to reach this year. I working constantly on these .

Let us find success this year with all these goals and success. Some of the very important tasks to complete for succeeding this year. While working from home, you have all the time and work expands to all the available time. There are millions of distractions and millions of task to complete at home.

11 goals to set for your home business

It becomes really important to work on your goals and make a plan to work effectively and optimally. Also, setting boundaries and blocking time helps a lot in accomplishing more in less time.

Clear and precise goals help in giving focused direction to your business. Whether you are running your business on your own or you are having few team members to work with you, defining your goals make you and your team members the exact outcome you want from your actions.

What outcome you want from your business ?

Before setting goals and intentions, you need to work out the outcome from your business. Now you know the outcome, the hard part of working towards that outcome starts.

Goals to set for your home business

 Decide your plan

The most important part of any successful business is a well executable plan.

As Benjamin Franklin said “ If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Reflect on your past actions and how they improved your business or negatively impacted your business. Write them down, these will help in making further changes and planning for your business.

You might have documented your past years  journey but this is time to analyse everything.

Analyse things as related to your business

Revenue,  Profits, Losses, Overheads

When you have compiled everything, you will need to work on your business for further improvement. Make a plan about what you want from your business and how you will get it. Set short term and long term goals

There is nothing new in this but the only difference is how you will set and slay your goals. Divide your goals into

Long term                                                       Mid term                                            Short term goals

Classification of goals make it easy to work on your plan in small steps. This is a crucial step if you are running your business alone from home.

 Write down all the resources you need

Compiling the list of all of your resources you need to accomplish your goals is a part of setting goals. When you know what you will need in terms of money, time, support and help, your goals and tasks would be easy to set and accomplish.

1. Support you want for your business

It is up to you if you want to run your business alone or you want a team member. Your plan will help you make a decision about any help you need this year to grow business. Your goal could be about adding a team member or increasing the team member in your existing team.

You may need some extra resources for your business this year to grow it further. Make a list of tools you may need to run your business smoothly. Here is a list of resources you may need to run your business smoothly.

2. Social media marketing for your business

If you haven’t leveraged social media for your business, make thus year a goal to make social media an important part of your marketing strategy. Start with one social media account for your business if you haven’t used it for business.

If you are using social media but not seeing desired results, change your strategy and move to other platform. Use the social media to full potential. If you haven’t used , try Pinterest. It is very good for traffic to your website if you are a website owner or an online shop owner.

If you are already on Pinterest but want to grow it more and don’t have time to grow it, I can help you as I am Pinterest strategist and will love to help you grow your Pinterest Presence. Contact me now if you want to grow your Pinterest account but don’t have time. 

3. Increase your productivity

Wherever you were last year in your business, it is a good idea to increase your productivity this year.

  • Generate more sales
  • Add more products to your product line

Have a look at your business and make new goals to increase your business. Analyse your past year’s profits and make a plan ti increase profits this year. Profits will come from generating more sales and from adding more products to your product line.

4.  Increasing web traffic to your website

If you are having an online store or  have a website related to your business, make a goal of increasing traffic than previous year. It will help you getting more eyeballs to your website which could help in more sales and more people will get to know about your business.

These days, it is necessary to have an online presence. Social media can help a lot in making your brand successful.

5. Start networking more aggressively

Today’s world depends a lot on networking. Small businesses rely a lot on networking for their success.  Reflect on your past year’s networking efforts. If you didn’t seized the opportunity of networking, make it a goal to start networking this year.

If your networking efforts not optimal, ramp up those efforts as networking opportunities can take small business to another level. It is mutually beneficial. And helps to maintain a symbiotic relationship.

6. Increase your market share

Catapult your market strategies and hence increase your market share. It doesn’t matter where you were in previous year. Just make a higher goal for this year.

7. Partner with influencers on social media

If you can find some industry influencers and partner with them, it will give you a huge boost. Figure out the influencers in your particular area of expertise or business and partner with them. It is known that social media influencers help in generating sales. Big brands too work with influencers.

8. Work on your personal brand

Establish your personal brand this year. Work on it and stand out from the crowd. It is the uniqueness in your personality or your business which will differentiate you from the rest of the competition. Find out your uniqueness and work on it.

If you want to create a brand for your business, you can check here with Colette Broomhead

9. Engage with audience

Engaging with your audience is very important if you want to make your home business successful. Actively engaging with your  audience improves your authenticity and personal brand. Having good products is essential but to survive in today’s world of competition, it is necessary to engage with your audience and be authentic.

10. Increase your commitment

Working from home is not so easy. Working in between your home duties will require you to be more committed and determined. Just pay attention to your business and put your soul and mind into it.

I know you started your business with your soul and mind into it but increase your commitment and grow more this year.

11. Be positive about the outcomes

Sometime on the way, we loose hopes and get demotivated. For this, it becomes important to stay on the course of positive thinking and be inspired about the outcomes of your actions.

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Goals to set for your home business and achieve them for success. Click to read.

These are very simple but effective goals for your  home business. I hope these will help you succeed this year.

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