A few websites can help you find work-from-home online chat and email jobs. These jobs don’t pay too much, but having some side income working from home is excellent.

Online chat jobs to work from home

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The best part is that you can choose your working hours. There are many online jobs, but chat jobs are the easiest ones.

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What are online chat jobs?

Online Chat agents converse through emails and chats to resolve any customer issues and problems. These online chat jobs can be done remotely or in a standard office environment.

Chat jobs require no phone calls. However, these jobs require you to have some customer care service experience.

How to find Online Chat Jobs

Many companies hire people to do customer service jobs from home. Most of these companies don’t require you to have more than a high school diploma, but some experience can help you get these jobs.

Requirements for this type of jobs

  • A good computer
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Typing speed of at least 35 WPM while some may need more
  • Handle multiple conversations simultaneously

These are a few companies to help you find online chat jobs to work from anywhere

1. Applecare: At-home advisors

Applecare hires At home advisors for technical support. These advisors help people with technical issues, products, and services. This may not be only chat-based as you may have to get calls also, but it is a good-paying job.

Requirements: A quiet environment, a headset (company provided), an ergonomic chair, and a desk for iMac.

2. Arise

Arise virtual solutions has been here since 1994, working with 500 fortune companies to provide customer support. As a result, this company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

3. Concentric

If you are looking for a full-time job as a chat operator, Concentric.com can be your best choice. But you need to be available for a set period because of concentric works for big companies.

4. Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is a great place to find legitimate jobs. The only catch is that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. You can find home chat jobs on Flex Jobs like other remote jobs.

There are many types of part-time as well as full-time jobs.

5. Ginger

Ginger is for people’s mental and emotional needs when they need it most. They provide support 24/7, so if you get accepted, you can work the hours of your choice.

Ginger needs you to be from a medical or counseling background to provide online chat support. They provide customized care for

  • Psychiatry
  • Mental support
  • On-demand coaching and therapy

6. Presto Experts

Prest experts is another excellent place to find chat jobs. In addition, you can offer chat support to many types of international businesses.

7. Sedgwick

Sedgwick provides support for insurance claims and other insurance-related services. You can start working as chat support if you can handle insurance and compensation-related questions.

8. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a job portal where you can find many types of jobs. You can find many online chat jobs there. There are many listings there at this time. You may need to have a specific experience for these jobs.

9. Site Staff Chat

Site Staff Chat needs chat agents in many categories, such as senior living, elective medicine, Finance, and law firms. They provide 24/7 live support to customers.

10. Site5.com

If you are familiar with the technical side of web hosting and support, Site5.com can be your best place to work as a chat agent. They don’t provide phone support and only offer chat support.

11. Needle

All of the customer service jobs at Needle are chat-based, which is good. Their application system is fast, you have to fill out their application, and they give you results in 2 days. The needle is a company that provides a live chat experience to shoppers as they shop in brick-and-mortar stores.

12. Buffer

Buffer is a company that deals with social media for other companies. They also provide chat services for which they need chat agents. So you have to manage social media for the companies.

13. Paperless Pipeline

The Paperless pipeline is a company that helps real estate businesses to go paperless by scanning and to store their listings and other information.

It is software, and chat agents help to resolve any issues faced by the people who use this software.

14. Gear Launch

Gear Launch connects the clients of the Shopify stores with chat agents. As a customer care specialist, you have to resolve the issues faced by the people using the software.

15. Iubenda

Iubenda is a company that helps with

legal stuff. This website helps in generating legal documents like policies

for blogs and websites. They need you to have some experience in customer service.

16. Pressable

Pressable hires chat agents to resolve customer issues with hosting and websites. It would help if you had some technical expertise to work with them. Their customer service agents are known as customer service engineers.

You can select one of the two available shifts if you get hired.

17. TeleTech

TeleTech is always looking for people working as chat advisors. In addition, they hire chat operators to work as a customer service representative. To work, you should have at least six months of experience.

Their pay rate is $8.50/hr, along with other employee benefits.

18. Operadorchat

Operadorchat hires people as chat agents and pays a reasonable pay rate. They pay around 35 cents for a processed message. You can decide your working hours and can work from anywhere.

They’re always looking for people and pay weekly.

19. Best Buy

Best buy hires chat agents to help customers with products and other services from companies like Microsoft, Apple, and mobile apps. Different jobs have different requirements, so while applying, check the conditions.

In most jobs, you will assist customers with orders and resolve problems. The pay rate is somewhere between $11 to $16/hr.

20. ModSquad

ModSquad has been in remote jobs since 2007. They hire people for moderation obs online. Their pay rate is not specified on their website, but you can apply with them. ModSquad states that many stay-at-home parents and students work with them as the job is remote.

21. Capital Typing

Capital Typing hires customer care representatives to work online. They also provide translation and transcription services. If you are looking for transcription services, you can start one here.

Online chat jobs

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