If you are looking for some ways to start earning money, you are right place. Most of us are staying at home because of the present situation. And we don’t know how long we have to go through it.

Businesses are shutting down, jobs are being lost, and looking for something to make money online is better.

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Entry-level remote jobs for beginners to make money from home

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Entry-level remote jobs to work from home

1. Proofreading jobs

Proofreading is excellent remote work that you can do from home. This is the time to start working from home. People are advised to stay at home. You can begin proofreading services jobs if you are good at English and can pick even a small error.

Remote work is a lot easier in this digital world. Proofreading can help you start your work from a home side hustle. You don’t require any training, but getting one can quickly help you find success.

To get started, learn from ProofreadAnywhere’s General Proofreading: Theory and Practice.

  If you think you have the qualities to build a business around correcting errors, go for this course. The General Proofreading course by Caitlyn of Proofread Anywhere is detailed and comprehensive.

Skills you need to excel at proofreading

This course will teach you the technical part. Still, you need to have some skills to start correcting errors for a livelihood.

Attention to detail: With concentration and focus, you must have a vigilant eye and attention to detail.

Reading: While proofreading, you have to read long-form texts. It will require patience to read a lot of content without getting distracted.

Immaculate English: This is the most important as you will proofread most of the text in English. It means you should be able to pick any extra punctuation mark that online proofreading software cannot correct.  

A college degree: There is no requirement for formal education, but some companies need you to be a graduate. Working with online companies will help you in the beginning.

Check the General Proofreading course here.

Some companies can help you start your work as a proofreader. These will help you gain some experience and to build a portfolio that will help you showcase your work to potential clients.

You can read more if you want to start your own Proofreading services business.

2. Transcription Entry-level Remote Jobs

What is Transcription: The process of converting live audio or a recording and converting it into text is called transcription. You don’t need the experience to start, but a professional course can help you create more easily.

Anybody can start transcription work as you don’t need any formal education. Same as in the case of proofreading services, having professional training can help you stand out from the rest of the applications in a crowded place.

To start providing services correctly, why not learn from the award-winning course, TranscribeAnywhere?

 Janet from Transcribe Anywhere has created a free course to check if it is the right fit for you.

Requirements to become a transcriptionist

To become successful at Transcription and earn good money, you should be

  • Able to  type fast with a good typing speed
  • Good at finding errors and have a good eye for detail
  • Able to use critical thinking and have good knowledge of web

Here are a few places to look for Entry level remote jobs in Transcription

As a beginner, not every company will hire you. Your best bet is to start with the companies where you can have some practice. These two companies will let you have some training through some practice tests

After having some practice, you can start applying to more companies. But, of course, not every company will hire you, so be patient.

The average pay of a Transcriber is around $15/hr, but with the experience, you can earn approximately $20/hr. So if, for any reason, you want to stay home, converting audio into text can help you supplement your income.

How to become Transcriptionist and wo

3. Work as a freelance writer

Freelance writing is very competitive but lucrative at the same time. Getting your foot in the door is challenging, but once you get the required experience and have built a client base, it can become your full-time work.

Elna Clain from elnaclain.com is a freelance writer who helps budding freelance writers with her very informative blog posts. She also has a free email course to start as a freelance writer.

Online blogs and magazines have made it possible to make money online as a writer.

4. Online teaching jobs

People from Non-English speaking countries want to teach English to their kids. To accomplish this, many companies hire native English speakers.

Teaching English online can be good if you want to work remotely. However, the pay rate is around $15-25/hr.


Most of the time, the requirement is the company needs native English speakers. For more information, you can check here. Also, most companies require you to have TEFL certification. It stands for Testing English as a Foreign Language.

Types of equipment required for teaching English online

  • A quiet place and a computer to work.
  • Some companies provide lessons while sometimes you have to prepare the lesson.
  • Noise-canceling headsets and microphone
  • A webcam, Skype account if the company doesn’t provide their software
  • A working computer where you can work in a quiet place. Some of the companies also offer phone lessons.
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Microphone and headset (noise-canceling headsets help a lot )
  • A webcam
  • Skype account if the company doesn’t provide their software

How to make money teaching English Online

5. Internet Researcher remote jobs

If you love to be always on the internet reading and gathering information from various resources, then an internet research job can help you make some side income.

The question is, why will somebody pay you for searching the internet? Can’t they do it themselves? Possibly because they don’t have time to do so, or they don’t have the patience to spend too much time getting the correct answer. Finding data and facts-based answers is more complicated than finding solutions on Wikipedia. This is where an internet-based researcher comes to the rescue.

If you want to make money online as an internet researcher, you can read more here

6. Test websites to make money

Testing websites can provide you with the gateway if you are looking for ways to supplement your income to earn some pay.

Of course, you will not become rich with this kind of work, but earning some side income can be a great idea. Those doing this work say the pay rate is between $10 and $ 15/hr. This is not a very good rate, but doing it from home can be a good idea.

To get accepted, you have to apply to the websites and see if you get accepted. Also, the work starts pouring as you gain experience and good reviews.

7. Work as Virtual Assistants 

As you know, the internet has opened up so many ways of earning money, and working as a Virtual assistant is one of those. It is a practical and good-paying work where you can make money by helping small business owners or busy bloggers.

There are so many services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. 

  • Administration work
  • Managing emails and inboxes for businesses
  • Managing social media accounts and scheduling posts
  • Maintaining records for activities and tasks

These are only some of the tasks you can do as a virtual assistant. There are a lot more services that you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. Here are some websites where you can find virtual assistant jobs.

8. Chat jobs for beginners

With more and more people coming online to do most of the tasks, there arises the need for an online chat operator. Online chat operators resolve the issues without talking on the phone.

Check out these places if you are a customer service person and want to start a text chat job.

9. Social media services

Everybody is on social media, and anybody can use it. These platforms started for social interactions but soon became essential marketing components for businesses.

Using social media for personal use is different than using it for business purposes. On top of that, using social media to build a brand takes a lot of time and proper optimization.

Also, these social media platforms are changing their algorithms now and then. So here comes the need for social media managers to help businesses grow their brand awareness through these platforms.

Start working as a social media manager if you are familiar with these social media platforms and can help businesses grow their presence.

How to become a social media manager

10. Scoring

Scorers are required during the test seasons to evaluate the student responses. Some hiring companies need you to have a 3 or 4 years degree. Though the work s seasonal, if you get accepted, they usually call whenever there is a requirement.

Companies hiring are

11. Entry-level phone jobs

Most remote jobs can be done without a phone. But many remote phone jobs even don’t need experience. I have compiled a list of a few companies that hire people to work in customer and tech support by phone.

12. Complete Micro Jobs ( Gig economy)

The gig economy is enormous nowadays. It is not a route to becoming wealthy but starting somewhere is the key. Gigs are temporary jobs that can be completed as a contractor or a freelancer.

To start, list your skills and see how you can fit into the roles advertised on the sites. Also, register with these sites and create a profile. Then you can start offering your services.

There are a few places where you can find this type of small task.

These are some places where you can find remote jobs according to your skills. To start with, make a list of your skills and expertise and have a look at where they can fit. I am sure you will be able to find a remote job to start from home.

Entry level remote jobs

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